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The Hanso Foundation commercial shown during the Lost episode on May 10, 2006 contained the on-screen text "Paid for by Sprite" and directed viewers to the website The word "lymon" (intended as a combination of "lemon" and "lyme") has previously been used in Sprite advertisements during the 1980s, and the website itself contains references to Sprite. Other clues in the game have prominently contained the word "obey" (part of Sprite's slogan, "obey your thirst").

As of 10 May 2006, the clock on the site occasionally changes to display OB:EY for one minute. The changes are marked by an audible blip of static. The minutes of the day at which these changes occur correspond to the Lost numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42), though not every occurrence of these times results in the link. When the clock does change, it becomes a clickable link to the Sprite advertisement website.

There is now a Sprite commercial on the air that promotes the sublymonal website, which has recently changed to a completely Sprite-based subliminal ad site. One commercial shows a person blind folded with a lemon and lime slice, getting small drops of Sprite in his/her mouth and eye. A second commercial shows the clashing of a green sumo wrestler, and a yellow sumo wrestler into a young gentleman. These commercials both contain hidden passwords that flash briefly on screen. The passwords, such as BENTLEY, SCAN, and LISTEN can be entered into the text box on the sublymonal website for hidden videos and websites. The website defines incorrect passwords, courtesy of Wikipedia.

If one enters "108" into the text box, one can be treated to a podcast clip from DJ DAN, a fictional Lost Experience radio DJ, commenting on big corporations and "electromagnetic super weapons". Another, more recent podcast can be found by typing "BigD" into the text box.

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