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Station 6: The Orchid
Name Station 6: The Orchid
Area of Research Unknown, Not Botanical
First Seen In San Diego Comic Con 2007

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The Orchid is a DHARMA Initiative station that was first introduced at Comic-Con International 2007 in San Diego. The video was preceded by an introduction by Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof.


The station's purpose is to manipulate time and space, however Pierre Chang, appearing under the alias of "Edgar Halliwax" explains that the Orchid is the sixth station in the DHARMA Initiative project and that the station is not a botanical station as they had previously claimed. Halliwax appears holding a white rabbit with the number 15 painted on it, and a second rabbit appears behind them during the filming of the video, which triggers an alarm to sound, not unlike that heard in the Swan during the four minutes left to push the button. Halliwax goes on to add that the research being conducted in the Orchid is "highly volatile and potentially dangerous", and states that the unique properties of the island, create a kind of "Casimir Effect".


The video appears to be excerpts, or a "making of" video as Halliwax appears candid in his dislike for wearing make-up, and is also instructed to turn the rabbit around before the filming commences. During the filming, Halliwax instructs the cameraman to turn the camera off, despite being told that they were to continue filming no matter what.

New Lost Season 4 Sneak Peak!!! New Hatch!, The Orchid02:03

New Lost Season 4 Sneak Peak!!! New Hatch!, The Orchid


(A flashlight is seen shining light into the lens, there is general sound, overlapping unclear voices, etc. A cue card featuring the main DHARMA logo is placed in front of the camera then removed. Halliwax is seen having make-up applied to him. He sits on the table holding two sheets of paper as though reviewing them.)

HALLIWAX(said to no one in particular): I'll never get used to wearing make-up.

UNKNOWN MALE presumably the cameraman/someone directing the video: You look great! It takes away the shine.

HALLIWAX: Who cares if I shine? I'm a scientist, I'm not a...

(The film reel jumps. Halliwax is seen standing behind the table buttoning his lab coat. A white rabbit is in a metal cage on the table and is taken out by a female assistant and handed to Halliwax. She waits for him to finish fixing his lab coat before handing the rabbit to him.)

UNKNOWN MALE/cameraman,director: Turn the rabbit around please.

(camera is close on rabbit as Halliwax reverses it. We notice four things: that Halliwax's arms and hands appear real- not the hinted at prosthetic arm seen in other videos - that he is wearing a wedding band, the rabbit has the number 15 stenciled on its side - and that Halliwax's lab jacket has the DHARMA Swan logo on it.)

UNKNOWN MALE/cameraman/director: Got it.

(The film jumps again, this time revealing a split-second (subliminal) shot of Gerald DeGroot from the orientation video for The Swan.)

HALLIWAX(holding the rabbit): Hello. I'm Dr. Edgar Halliwax, and this is the Orientation Film for Station 6 of the DHARMA Initiative. As you --

(film jumps, there is a split-second (subliminal) shot of the Narvik building. This building was also seen with Alvar Hanso in the Swan's orientation video)

HALLIWAX: --have no doubt surmised, Station 6, or "the Orchid", is not a botanical research--(film jumps) We apologize for asking you to deceive your family and colleagues. This is, of course, in the interest of their own security. The unique properties of this Island created a kind of Casimir effect, allowing us to--

(The phrase "God loves you as he loves Jacob" from the Room 23 Video appears for a split-second (subliminally), on the screen)

(Halliwax is now holding what appears to be a different white rabbit, as the number 15 on its side is printed smaller and is located lower on its body, additionally, some things on the bookcases in the background, have changed).

HALLIWAX: --The field you have been selected to study is highly volatile and potentially dangerous. (Halliwax seems to notice something in his field of vision, low and to our right, but he continues) But, over the next few minutes we will demonstrate the elaborate safety measures that have been put in place to ensure that--

(Some sort of white object comes from above, off-camera, presumably from the area of the ceiling, behind and to the left of Halliwax, our view, falling or jumping to the floor. There doesn't seem to be any sound associated with this action that we can hear, however, Halliwax knows something has happened and reacts, turning towards it).

HALLIWAX: --the hell?!

UNKNOWN MALE/cameraman/director : Hey, what is that?! What's going on?!

(The camera pans to the top of the bookcase to reveal a second rabbit sitting on the shelf or in a glass cage, also with the number 15 painted on its side)

(murmuring/whispering voices are heard)

FEMALE ASSISTANT(coming into the room): Oh God, it's fifteen! (and bending out of camera range as though picking up, or trying to pick something up, from the floor, then reaching for and taking down the rabbit at the top of the bookcase)

(general sound of confusion, alarmed voices and murmuring heard)

HALLIWAX: --the hell?! (retreating and holding the rabbit in his arms protectively) Don't let them near each other! When did you set the shift?

FEMALE ASSISTANT: Negative Twenty!

(A woman's voice begins counting down in the background from ten.The camera pans wildly between the assistant and Halliwax)

HALLIWAX: How long?

FEMALE ASSISTANT: Nine minutes, but we're still learning ho--

(camera focuses, close-up on Halliwax)

HALLIWAX(to the cameraman/director): Why is that still running?

UNKNOWN MALE/cameraman/director: He told me to keep the camera running no matter wha--

HALLIWAX: Turn it off... (yelling) Turn it off!!

(film cuts to an upside-down shot of a man riding a bicycle through the barracks, for a full second - not subliminal)

(Halliwax is now seen to be holding the white rabbit from earlier, the one with the larger printed "15" on its side, but we still see the changed object that looks to be a microscope out of it's case on the bookcase. When Halliwax held this rabbit earlier and spoke these exact lines the object on the bookcase mentioned looked to be a microscope in its case).

HALLIWAX: Hello, I'm Dr. Edgar Halliwax, and this is the Orientation Film for Station 6 of the DHARMA Initiative. As you have no doubt surmised, Station 6 or "the Orchid", is not a botanical research unit.

(the film seems to slide off the reel and stops

Additional NotesEdit


When Halliwax and others notice the second rabbit #15 behind them, Halliwax exclaims "..The Hell?!", this line has been changed since the original version aired at Comic-Con, the line was originally "..the Fuck?!".

Changes on bookshelvesEdit

Initially there is an object, that could be a candle burning, in a low container on the upper shelf in camera view on the left (our view) bookcase. Later, this is gone and replaced with a red box.

On the right bookcase (our view), on the upper shelf immediately below the shelf upon which the second rabbit appears, is a black, rectangular object with a bottle-neck-appearing top. It may be a microscope in its case. Later, it appears to be a microscope out of its case. Also another object looking to be a microscope on the left, our view, bookcase, is later replaced with a small, metallic-looking container. The indication may be that this film was produced over several days and that items on the shelves were moved during that time.

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