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Name Stadium
Country Los Angeles, California
Introduced In Man of Science, Man of Faith
Type Sporting Events

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The Stadium is located in Los Angeles, and was the location where Penny tracked Desmond down after he had left military prison. It was also the meeting place of Jack and Desmond after he had tripped during his tour de stade.


Desmond had left the United Kingdom when his sentence in military prison had been completed, and fled to the United States in order to train the compete in Charles Widmore's solo sailing race around the world. While training at the stadium, he was approached by Penny Widmore who arrived to confront him. She inquired as to why he never wrote her while he was in prison, unbeknownst to her that her father had prevented the letters from being delivered to her. Desmond explained that he would be back in a year, and that he was going to win the race in order to get his honour back.

As Desmond ran up and down the stairs, Jack Shephard attempted to match his speed, and in doing so, tripped on the steps and injured his ankle. Desmond claimed that he was almost a doctor once, and that sparked a conversation about Jack completing his surgery on Sarah and how he was doubtful on the outcome. Desmond hinted at the existence of miracles, and what would happen if her had succeeded, to which Jack thought was impossible. Desmond prepared to leave and offered the final advise that he had to "lift it up", and then added that he was referring to his ankle. Jack returned to the hospital and realized that the surgery was in fact a success.



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