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St. Sebastian Hospital
Jack Shephard
Name St. Sebastian Hospital
Country Los Angeles, California
Introduced In All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
Type Hospital

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St. Sebastian Hospital is a general hospital located in Los Angeles, California. The Chief of Surgery at the hospital was Christian Shephard; he served as Chief until he was stripped of his medical license when it was discovered that he operated on a patient under the influence of alcohol. The Chief Resident at the hospital is Jack Shephard.

Jack and ChristianEdit

Dr. Christian Shephard and Dr. Jack Shephard shared many common characteristics, including that they were both surgeons and that Christian is Jack's father. Jack and Christian’s relationship during the course of their employment at the hospital went from light-hearted and calm, but escalated into a disaster as the years progressed.

Sarah and AdamEdit

While driving her vehicle after making plans for her wedding, Sarah blew out a tire on her vehicle and jumped the center divider and went head on with an oncoming SUV which was being driven by Adam Rutherford. Both of them were taken to St. Sebastian, where Sarah, who arrived first, was the initial focus of Jack’s attention. However, Adam passed away when Jack saved Sarah and did not have enough time to save Adam. As Jack leaves the E.R., Sarah states that she wants to dance at her wedding.

Sarah was informed by Jack that Adam died in the E.R. and that she has a fracture-dislocation of her thoracic lumbar spine with multiple crushed vertebrae, that her back is broken, and that her spleen is ruptured and bleeding into her abdomen. Jack tells her that he is going to perform surgery to attempt to repair the damage done, but claims that even the most optimistic results would put the likelihood of retaining mobility below her waist extremely unlikely.

Before her surgery, Sarah informs Jack that she knows she will not be dancing anymore, deciding that she can roll around at her wedding, of which Jack is invited. Hearing this, Jack becomes determined and informs her that he is going to fix her. After the surgery, Jack decided to head to a local stadium to run to work off some of his stress, it was there that he twisted his ankle and met a friendly young man named Desmond. The two chatted and Jack was sure that his abilities as a surgeon were not enough to save her. Desmond appeared to be more confident in Jack’s ability, and posed the question of “What if you did fix her?” and “You don’t believe in miracles?”.

When Jack returned to the hospital, he informed Sarah that the operation had been a failure; however, despite everything Jack had determined from his scientific evaluation, Sarah showed she had recovered when she was able to move her legs.

Gabriela and AngeloEdit

After repairing Sarah’s spine in what was believed to be an impossible surgery and later touted as a “miracle”, Gabriela and Angelo Busoni decided to travel from Italy to Los Angeles in the attempts of receiving treatment from Dr. Jack Shephard – “The Miracle Worker”. Jack initially declined, stating his miracle happened by fortune; Gabriela pleaded with Jack to at least try and attempt the surgery, to which he obliged and admitted Angelo. Gabriela confessed to Jack that she didn’t believe in miracles and Jack claimed that he did not either. The surgery proved to be a failure after Angelo’s heart gave out mid-way through the surgery. Jack left the hospital and was greeted by Gabriela in the parking lot who thanked him for attempting the surgery. It was there that the two proceeded to kiss, but it was eventually halted by Jack when he stated that he could not go through with it, and proceeded home.


While eating lunch in a restaurant downtown, Dr. Christian Shephard was called in to perform an emergency procedure on a woman named Beth after she was involved with a serious accident. Jack was alerted by a nurse that Christian’s hands were shaking, and Jack called his father off, and attempted to proceed with the surgery himself. However, the patient passed away after it became clear that Christian had accidentally severed her hepatic artery, causing the complications which led to her death.

Jack would later learn that her husband was threatening to sue. Christian pleaded with Jack to sign a document which contained fraudulent information pertaining to the surgery, which would save Christian’s career, reputation and his life. Jack eventually signed the document at his father’s insistent request.

While in a hearing to discuss the matters of the surgery, Jack changed his statement after learning that the patient was pregnant, and revealed to those present that his father was under the influence of alcohol and that his condition was what caused the patient’s death. Christian was effectively stripped of his medical license, and left St. Sebastian, as well as Los Angeles, and fled the country.

Mrs. ArlenEdit

While driving with her son, Mrs. Arlen noticed a man on the side of the Sixth Street Bridge ready to jump, she was distracted and lost control of her vehicle and crashed into the median. The car rolled over and was hit by the van behind her, igniting the car in flames. The man who was going to jump over the railing was Dr. Jack Shephard, and he was the one who rushed to the vehicle to save the two of them.

Jack was touted by the news agencies as a hero, which is why Jack wanted to keep it that way as he volunteered to perform Mrs. Arlen's operation himself. However, Jack was denied this opportunity by the Chief of Surgery at St. Sebastian Hospital, Dr. Rob Hamill. Instead, Dr. Gary Nadler performed the surgery, which ended up being a success as Mrs. Arlen was in some pain but highly responsive to the reflects test and entirely lucid.

Mrs. Arlen later recounted the events leading up to the crash, and revealed Jack to be a fraud.


Hurley's father brought Sayid to Jack who took Sayid to St. Sebastian. Jack was suspended at the time, but he still successfully treated Sayid. Afterwards, Evelyn Ariza, the Chief of Clinical Services berated Jack reminding that he was suspended and the hospital was responsible. Meanwhile, Tony Nagy disguised as a nurse attempted to shoot Sayid with a tranquilizer dart, but was overpowered by Sayid.

Alternate TimelineEdit

In the alternate timeline, many characters visit the hospital, including Omer Jarrah who is brought there after being mugged (presumably by Keamy or someone acting on his behalf) as shown in the episode "Sundown". Desmond and Charlie are also brought there after their car accident as shown in the episode "Happily Ever After". Sun is brought there after she is accidentally shot during a struggle between Jin and Mikhail as shown in the episode "The Package". John Locke is brought there after he is run down by Desmond, shown in the episode "Everybody Loves Hugo".

Jack remains a spinal surgeon working at St. Sebastian's in the alternate timeline. Claire Littleton is not a patient or an employee, however she visits Jack at the hospital to continue a conversation they had been having when Jack was called away during the reading of their father's will. Jin, also not a patient or employee but is there with Sun. Ben is never seen inside the hospital, however he was in the ambulance as Locke was brought in, and presumably entered the hospital to provide information required by the administration, and to notify the police of the hit-and-run driver. Presumably, Helen Norwood would visit her fiance in the hospital as well, although she is never shown there.


These are characters that have been involved with St. Sebastian Hospital in one way or another.

Hospital EmployeesEdit

Former PatientsEdit

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