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St. Francis Hospital
Tom Brennan
Name St. Francis Hospital
Country Iowa, USA
Introduced In Born to Run
Type Hospital

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St. Francis Hospital is located in Iowa, and was the hospital where Tom Brennan was employed.

Tom, Kate & DianeEdit

After Kate received a letter informing her that her mother had been diagnosed with cancer, Kate returned to Iowa, feeling that she owed it to her mother to visit her. Kate posed as a flower deliverer and went to Diane's room, she later snuck into the her childhood friend Tom's car, to greet him when his shift was over. She informed him that she needed his help. While at Tom's house, Kate reminded him of the time capsule they had buried years before as kids, and the two set out to unearth it. While doing so, the two discovered the tape they had made the day they buried it, and in a single moment the two proceeded to kiss, and then decided that they needed to leave it at that, and they headed to the hospital. When Kate finally came face to face with her mother, Diane screamed out in terror, calling for help. Kate, fearful for being caught, headed for the exit, assaulting a security guard on the way, with Tom in tow. The two headed for Tom's car where Kate proceeded to drive toward the exit. They were blocked by an Iowa State Trooper who had his gun drawn, Kate asked Tom to leave the car, and when he refused, she drove toward the trooper who fired several shots, and Kate smashed into his car. As she made her way down the road, the two collided with another car, and Kate discovered that Tom had been shot, and killed. Kate heard the sirens approaching from behind, and disappeared once more back into the shadows.


These are characters that have been involved with St. Francis Hospital in one way or another.

Hospital EmployeesEdit

Former PatientsEdit

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