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Dharma Sri Lanka Logo

DHARMA Logo featured in the film

Part of the alternate reality game the Lost Experience, the Sri Lanka video was filmed by Rachel Blake in Sri Lanka and the footage contains a DHARMA Initiative film dating back to 1975 starring Alvar Hanso, as well as instructions from Dr. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk to Hanso Foundation members about a new project, and about how the DHARMA Initiative failed.


Throughout the summer between the dates of July 22 and September 8, "glyphs" or "fragment codes" were released on various websites, and also on podcasts and even in real life. The fragments were the Sri Lanka video, divided into 70 different segments. Throughout the summer, it was the task of the public to discover these glyphs and organize them on

Order of the FragmentsEdit

The following are ordered in their "Viewing Order". For a complete listing of glyphs ordered by "Release Date", see Glyphs.


Glyph Code Release Date Length Video
OHGE OHGE July 23, 2006 6.572 seconds OHGE1
ZY6C ZY6C July 25, 2006 8.841 seconds ZY6C1
4kvklaydm0 4KVKLAYDM0 July 26, 2006 5.205 seconds 4KVKLAYDM01
Alvar Hanso: I'm--
LostWikiGlyph TRIBALWARS August 11, 2006 1.668 seconds TRIBALWARS
Alvar Hanso: Alvar Hanso-
GMX18BCJ GMX18BCJ July 26, 2006 5.071 seconds GMX18BCJ1
Alvar Hanso: If you are watching this film, you already know and have worked with Gerald and Karen DeGroot--
A0Y8 A0Y8 August 14, 2006 8.006 seconds A0Y81
Alvar Hanso: --founders and masterminds of the DHARMA initiative. By now, you also know there are many research goals for our joint venture.
KU12PB5LV7 KU12PB5LV7 August 8, 2006 3.836 seconds KU12PB5LV71
Alvar Hanso: What you may not know is why we have assembled the DHARMA Initia--
90VDHOHU 90VDHOHU August 4, 2006 5.305 seconds 90VDHOHU1
Alvar Hanso: --tive. Why we have assembled the greatest minds in the world and given them unlimited funds and access.
7hkbh 7HKBH July 22, 2006 5.305 seconds 7HKBH1
Alvar Hanso: As with all you've already been told, you are bound by your honor and commitment to keep what you are about to hear a secret.
LostWikiGlyph 7TI July 29, 2006 6.940 seconds 7TI
Alvar Hanso In a few weeks, after your induction, counseling and survival training, you and your colleagues will be shipped to a top secret facil--


Glyph Code Release Date Length Video
3ZGT 3ZGT July 27, 2006 3.336 seconds 3ZGT
Alvar Hanso: The precise location of the facility is known only to myself--
1EY8AZCZNA2 1EY8AZCZNA2 July 25, 2006 3.268 seconds 1EY8AZCZNA2
Alvar Hanso: --the DeGroots, the few high ranking members of my organization.
LostWikiGlyph VIX7ZXT97 July 31, 2006 5.871 seconds VIX7ZXT97
Alvar Hanso: Why all the security, all the secrecy? The answer is simple.
ZFTLZAGO014H1 ZFTLZAGO014H August 25, 2006 5.505 seconds ZFTLZAGO014H
Alvar Hanso:Your research is intended to do nothing less than save the world as we know it.
Xigz2y10s2 XIGZ2Y10S2 July 26, 2006 15.148 seconds XIGZ2Y10S2
Alvar Hanso: In 1962, only years ago, the world came to the brink of Nuclear War. The United States and The Soviet Union almost fulfilled the promise of mutual assured destruction. A promise they continue to foster through a destructive Cold War.
M6xy398 M6XY398 July 27, 2006 5.905 seconds M6xy398
Alvar Hanso: After the Cuban Missile Crisis, both nations decided to find a solution. The result--
E2ll1z5e E2LL1Z5E August 9, 2006 2.701 seconds E2LL1Z5E
Alvar Hanso: --was the Valenzetti Equation.
88CH 88CH July 25, 2006 3.836 seconds 88CH
Alvar Hanso: Commissioned under the highest secrecy, through the U.N. Security Council--
750NZF8X 750NZF8X August 3, 2006 4.570 seconds 750NZF8X
Alvar Hanso: The equation is the brain child of the Italian mathematician Enzo Valenzetti.
89RMCOCD6D 89RMCOCDC6D August 2, 2006 5.105 seconds 89RMCOCDC6D
Alvar Hanso: It predicts the exact number of years and months before humanity extinguishes itself.


Glyph Code Release Date Length Video
Chocolates CHOCOLATES August 14, 2006 7.773 seconds CHOCOLATES
Alvar Hanso: Whether through nuclear fire, chemical and biological warfare, conventional warfare, pandemic, over-population--
RXMHJH9Y- RXMHJH9Y July 29, 2006 4.470 seconds RXMHJH9Y
Alvar Hanso: His results are chilling, and attention must be paid.
PGVPE4EC PGVPE4EC September 8, 2006 13.278 seconds PGVPE4EC
Alvar Hanso: Valenzetti gave numerical values to the core environmental and human factors in his equation: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42.
XQGRMH XQGRMH September 5, 2006 5.838 seconds XQGRMH
Alvar Hanso: Only by manipulating the environment, by finding scientific solutions to all of our problems--
7C8R1 7C8R September 5, 2006 5.471 seconds 7C8R
Alvar Hanso: --we will be able to change those core factors, and give humanity a chance to survive.
RGMR RGMR July 31, 2006 3.536 seconds RGMR
Alvar Hanso: Although the equation has been buried by those who commissioned it--
56lhzjdcl7a4 56LHZJDCL7A4 August 14, 2006 7.806 seconds 56LHZJDCL7A4
Alvar Hanso: --panic. It has always been my belief that we ignore warnings at our own peril, and thus, the DHARMA Initiative was born.
E82kni8l E82KNI8L August 3, 2006 5.905 seconds E82KNI8L
Alvar Hanso: DHARMA is an acronym for Department of Heuristics and Research on Material Applications.
3GTVI0M11 3GTVI0M11 July 25, 2006 2.935 seconds 3GTVI0M11
Alvar Hanso: It also stands for the one true way.
5be 5BE August 9, 2006 2.868 seconds 5BE
Alvar Hanso: --and through your research, you will help human--


Glyph Code Release Date Length Video
LostWikiGlyph ING93A11RO86 August 24, 2006 2.901 seconds ING93A11RO86
Alvar Hanso: We have constructed several stations on the island--
R3PUX42 R3PUX4 August 10, 2006 5.205 seconds R3PUX4
Alvar Hanso: --underground laboratories with the facilities you will need to do your research, with optimal expediency--
ESJ4X6EBNC ESJ4X6EBNC August 8, 2006 5.871 seconds ESJ4X6EBNC
Alvar Hanso: --all of the support you will need, including regular medicine and food drops will be made in perpetuity.
GZ2I GZ2I August 25, 2006 2.668 seconds GZ2I
Alvar Hanso: A radio transmitter has also been erected on the island--
LostWikiGlyph VACCINE August 18, 2006 3.436 seconds VACCINE
Alvar Hanso: Broadcasting in a frequency and encryption known only to us--
V4UMMA V4UMMA September 6, 2006 5.405 seconds V4UMMA
Alvar Hanso: The transmitter will only broadcast the core numerical values of the Valenzetti Equation.
PKDBAH7Jv2 PKDBAH7J September 1, 2006 6.673 seconds PKDBAH7Jv
Alvar Hanso: When, through your research, you manage to change the numerical value of any one of these factors.
Gmiwrlhhnhm GMIWRLHHNHM August 11, 2006 4.003 seconds GMIWRLHHNHM
Alvar Hanso: When you have created through science the--(static)
Rrgyxs RRGYXS July 22, 2006 3.703 seconds RRGYXS
Alvar Hanso: --we will know that the one true way has been found.
KCQBMLI6 KCQBMLI6 September 7, 2006 8.775 seconds KCQBMLI6
Alvar Hanso: That is the work to which you have committed yourself. Change the core values of the Valenzetti Equation, and you will change the course of destiny.


Glyph Code Release Date Length Video
4R19Y0UXB6Y 4R19Y0UXB6Y August 12, 2006 4.136 seconds 4R19Y0UXB6Y
Alvar Hanso: The fate of the human race is in your hands.
Fvh7n FVH7N July 25, 2006 10.910 seconds FVH7N
Alvar Hanso: Thank you and namaste.
LostWikiGlyph IG3X July 25, 2006 4.503 seconds IG3X
44KU2VKQ1 44KU2VKQ August 17, 2006 5.705 seconds 44KU2VKQ
Thomas Mittelwerk: We all know what happened, the DHARMA Initiative failed.
ZR2JI2 ZR2JI September 7, 2006 7.040 seconds ZR2JI
Thomas Mittelwerk: And in spite of every effort of the Foundation, we are gripped in the tyranny of those six numbers.
NARVIK NARVIK August 29, 2006 6.171 seconds NARVIK
Thomas Mittelwerk: We have tried to change those values by manipulating the environment in many, many ways.
4HO 4HO July 22, 2006 2.901 seconds 4HO
Thomas Mittelwerk: We have done our level best, and yet--
2NG39Z 2NG39Z September 6, 2006 6.071 seconds 2NG39Z
Thomas Mittelwerk: --this inscrutable equation keeps bringing us back to the numbers
VOU8VPNPS5X VOU8VPNPS5X August 3, 2006 3.836 seconds VOU8VPNPS5X
Thomas Mittelwerk So now, we have to take radical action--
VDADOS7YRE0 VDADOS7YRE0 July 25, 2006 4.636 seconds VDADOS7YRE0
Thomas Mittelwerk: --and I just want to tell all of you, that I trust you to do what is best.


Glyph Code Release Date Length Video
25KOCJS6S6 25KOCJS6S6 August 22, 2006 6.138 seconds 25KOCJS6S6
Thomas Mittelwerk: The villages of Fillan and Vetul Malani have allowed us to test our vaccine on them.
TROPICS TROPICS August 25, 2006 4.336 seconds TROPICS
Thomas Mittelwerk: They think they are infected by a virus carried by local macaques--
0UJ2 0UJ2 August 23, 2006 2.501 seconds 0UJ2
Thomas Mittelwerk: --and they believe we are bringing them the cure--
NZ59 NZ59 August 3, 2006 5.038 seconds NZ59
Thomas Mittelwerk: So when you go in, you have to keep up the story.
748l 748L July 24, 2006 3.770 seconds 748L
Thomas Mittelwerk: You know it by heart, don't waver--
354G8 354G8 September 6, 2006 7.040 seconds 354G8
Thomas Mittelwerk: When the deaths begin you must comfort everyone with compassion and empathy.
307L97BDB9 307L97BDB9 August 30, 2006 5.205 seconds 307L97BDB9
Thomas Mittelwerk: Then the bodies of the dead must be brought to the station immediately for full genetic work-up.
XWZW XWZW August 15, 2006 6.205 seconds XWZW
Thomas Mittelwerk: We must make absolute certain we are hitting precise genetic targets--
PFKAB5QXK PFKAB5QXK August 24, 2006 1.835 seconds PFKAB5QXK
Thomas Mittelwerk: --we have engineered into the viru--
FLHO6CUM181 FLHO6CUM181 September 6, 2006 4.170 seconds FLHO6CUM181
Thomas Mittelwerk: The optimal mortality rate is 30 percent.


Glyph Code Release Date Length Video
NANITE NANITE August 4, 2006 4.203 seconds NANITE
Thomas Mittelwerk: Our operatives at the Vik Institute have verified this figure. If--
IRZ7 IRZ7 August 29, 2006 4.636 seconds IRZ7
Thomas Mittelwerk: --more or less people succumb, we have failed.
OUDW OUDW August 30, 2006 5.705 seconds OUDW
Thomas Mittelwerk: We need not take any more lives than is absolutely neccesary. Yes?
FRXRUK9TQ FRXRUK9TQ August 22, 2006 13.011 seconds FRXRUK9TQ
Man in audience: But Tom, these are people, innocent human beings, and we're just--

Thomas Mittelwerk: If you knew, with mathematical certainty, that you could end all famine, war, and poverty, what would you do?

VE5SMC VE5SMC August 15, 2006 7.106 seconds VE5SMC
Thomas Mittelwerk: Exactly. You'd find the best way to get it done - precisely, surgically--
LostWikiGlyph THEFLASHLIGHT August 22, 2006 5.971 seconds THEFLASHLIGHT
Thomas Mittelwerk: --without allowing for any more suffering than is absolutely necessary
BAX5OUX8T BAX5OUX8T August 31, 2006 7.206 seconds BAX5OUX8T
Thomas Mittelwerk: It is not fair that innocents have to die so that we can perfect this virus.
Gllv8b2 GLLV8B August 10, 2006 3.370 seconds GLLV8B
Thomas Mittelwerk --but I promise you, someone is going to hel--
QUARANTINE2 QUARANTINE September 4, 2006 8.641 seconds QUARANTINE-
Thomas Mittelwerk: Is there something the back?

Rachel Blake: Oh God..!

Thomas Mittelwerk: Somebody grab her!

5XW3O 5XW3O August 31, 2006 10.443 seconds 5XW3O
Man: Hey!

Thomas Mittelwerk: We have an intruder!

Man: She has a camera! Get her!...

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