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Hugh's letter to Darla

This is a blog post that was made by Rachel Blake on her blog So Their Tomorrow Never Comes on Friday, July 14, 2006.

Blog TextEdit


Image of Letter

These were the items in the package:

Picture One

Picture Two

Picture Three

Picture Four

Picture Five

Sri Lanka. I arrived Saturday. I was lucky to get out.

I can't even begin to tell you the things I've seen. I wish I could just show you. But I'm afraid it's not that simple this time.

They're after me - like they've never been before.

The situation has become TOO DANGEROUS - too dangerous for me and too dangerous for anyone who possesses this evidence. We've all seen what these people are capable of. I can't put anyone at risk by just uploading it to some host site.

So, I'm resorting to desperate measures. It's the only way. The truth is still within our grasp...

I promise this will all become clear in the coming days.

Keep fighting -



Video TranscriptEdit

Rachel: I’m in Hugh and Darla’s flat. Looks like our turncoat IT guy was right, Mittelwerk didn’t know about this place.

(Rachel hears voices from the neighbours, and sneaks into the other room)

Heading to the racket club, didn’t wanna wake you. Can you be ready by 3? I’ll swing round and pick you up. Hugh.

If I was Darla, I’d hide it--behind a video of Gidget?

Okay guys, here goes. An ID, my face on it. Healthway Alliance. A plane ticket, Sri Lanka? That was the island?! All these injections for Sri Lanka? What the hell?

(Rachel turns on the television and a video of Darla appears)

Darla: Rachel, erm, I guess I feel a bit ashamed coming to you like this. But, please, understand why I had my friend deliver this package to you in the park. By the time you’re watching this I’ll be--ugh see that’s the reason, the end of that sentence is always dead and god knows I don’t want to be that cliché. By the time you watch this, I’ll have left the bloody country, I’ll have left him, I’ll have run. I made you an ID pass, use it. Mittelwerk’s about to do something awful Rachel, I’m not quite sure what but, I know you, you’ll find out. Just one last bit, If Hugh’s still, you know, around. Look, I know how you feel about these people and about us but, I love him Rachel – there’s still a good man in there. He got caught up but he’s been helping me. Sri Lanka was the last job for him too, and, believe it or not but, he’s been protecting you. Mittelwerk’s convinced, at least for now. He doesn’t want a martyr on his hands. But that doesn’t mean he won’t change his mind. Especially after you uncover what’s happening in Sri Lanka. So, be safe love, and get the bastards for me will ya? Once this is all said and done we’ll have martinis in Monte Carlo. You know, I never met the big man, Hanso, but something tells me he’d be pr-

(After the video ends, Rachel glances at the documents in the package)

Rachel: Spider Protocol Trial J--and--this is the ship! Paik Heavy Industry, the Hanso Foundation. The Helgus Antonius, it--it’s a hospital ship. Oh god, why are all the wards labeled quara--

(Video cuts out).


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