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Revealed January 24, 2008

Gallery of ImagesTheoriesMain Discussion is a website revealed in the Find 815 Alternate Reality Game, that Sam visits which contains information relating to the Aurora Australis that he had seen.

Information GivenEdit

This brief history description of Aurora Australis and it's characteristics are revealed on the site:

The Aurora Australis is a natural phenomena of the southern hemisphere in which the sky is filled with mysterious lights due to magnetic forces in the atmosphere. Plasma particles from the sun enter the atmosphere and collide with the Earth's magnetic field, causing light to be released (similar to electrons passing through gases in a neon tube). Particularly intense auroral storms can produce up to one trillion watts of electricity.

The Aurora Australis occurs in an oval around the South magnetic pole. Auroras typically last for 15–40 minutes and may recur in 2 to 3 hours. The most common colours are green and pink, but they can also be red, yellow, violet and blue.

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