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Soundtrack (Season One)
Lost Soundtrack
Name Soundtrack (Season One)
Released March 21, 2006
Composer Michael Giacchino
# of Discs 1
# of Tracks 27
Studio Varese Records
Link Amazon

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Get lost with the soundtrack to the hottest show on television. The mystical, mesmerizing and beautiful original scores for every episode of Lost have played an important role from the very beginning. A soundtrack release from Lost has become the most requested title we have ever encountered. Finally, to celebrate the continued success and acclaim of this landmark television series we are pleased to at last offer this soundtrack for the show's millions of devoted fans.

Track ListingEdit

# Track Title Track Length Episode Title
1 "Main Title (Composed by J.J. Abrams)" 0:16
2 "The Eyeland" 1:58 Pilot - Part 1
3 "World's Worst Beach Party" 2:44 Pilot - Part 1
4 "Credit Where Credit Is Due" 2:23 Pilot - Part 1
5 "Run Like, Um... Hell?" 2:21 Pilot - Part 1
6 "Hollywood and Vines" 1:52 Pilot - Part 2
7 "Just Die Already" 1:51 Tabula Rasa
8 "Me and My Big Mouth" 1:06 Tabula Rasa
9 "Crocodile Locke" 1:49 Walkabout
10 "Win One for the Reaper " 2:38 White Rabbit
11 "Departing Sun" 2:42 House of the Rising Sun
12 "Charlie Hangs Around" 3:17 All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
13 "Navel Gazing" 3:24 Whatever the Case May Be
14 "Proper Motivation" 2:00 Hearts and Minds
15 "Run Away! Run Away!" 0:30 Hearts and Minds
16 "We're Friends" 1:32 Homecoming
17 "Getting Ethan" 1:35 Homecoming
18 "Thinking Clairely" 1:04 Outlaws
19 "Locke'd Out Again" 3:30 Deus Ex Machina
20 "Life and Death" 3:39 Do No Harm
21 "Booneral" 1:38 The Greater Good
22 "Shannonigans" 2:25 The Greater Good
23 "Kate's Motel" 2:07 Born to Run
24 "I've Got a Plane to Catch" 2:37 Exodus - Part 2
25 "Monsters Are Such Innnteresting People" 1:29 Exodus - Part 2
26 "Parting Words" 5:30 Exodus - Part 1
27 "Oceanic 815" 6:11 Exodus - Part 2

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