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Name Sophia
Gender Female
Country Sanremo, Italy
Occupation Nurse
Appears In The Lost Experience

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Sophia worked as a nurse at the Sanremo Mercy Memorial Hospital in Sanremo, Italy, specifically within the Alvar Hanso Center for Advanced Medical Sciences.

Rachel Blake, in her quest against the Hanso Foundation, was following Dr. Thomas Mittelwerk and was followed her. Rachel witnessed Sophia shaking hands with Mittelwerk and decided to investigate. Rachel attempted to bribe Sophia into giving up information, however, she refused, but then opened up as Rachel started to walk away.

Sophia explained that they had given Mittelwerk a blood treatment, an exchange transfusion. In additional, they gave him various vaccinations for many diseases. When Rachel inquired as to where he would be going to need so many vaccinations, Sophia stated that Rachel didn't have enough money for her to tell her that. (Italy Post 03)

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