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Simon Pace
Name Simon Pace
Gender Male
Country Manchester, Great Britain
Occupation Butcher
Spouse Megan Pace
Child Charlie Pace, Liam Pace
Episode(s) Fire + Water, Greatest Hits
Played By John Henry Canavan

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Simon Pace was the husband of Megan Pace and the father of Charlie and Liam Pace. He lived in Manchester, and worked as a butcher. Mr. Pace didn't exactly support his son's ambitions of becoming a musician.

When Liam and Charlie were young, he took them to a swimming pool at Butlins, where he attempted to teach Charlie to overcome a fear of jumping into the pool. Simon assured Charlie that if he jumped in, that he would catch him. When Charlie jumped in, Simon did not catch him, however, Charlie was overjoyed that he had jumped in all by himself.

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