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Signs of Life
Lost Signs
Name Signs of Life
Author Frank Thompson
Publisher Hyperion
Flashback Jeff Hadley
Released March 1, 2006
Pages 173
ISBN 0-7868-9092-4
Link Amazon

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Signs of Life was written by Frank Thompson and was released on March 1, 2006.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

"Someone is out there."

Nick Hadley did some terrible things. The famed artist, sculptor, and professor was once the toast of the art world, but a scandal turned his life upside down. Nick needed a place to lay low for a while. In boarding Oceanic Flight 815, he got just that.

Now one of the many survivors of a plane crash, Nick has all the time in the world to reflect on his bad choices. The island live even seems to instill in him a newfound artistic inspiration.

But Nick’s new drawings take on a sinister quality. He begins having dreams…horribly vivid dreams. And then come the voices….and feelings of guilt and pain. Is the island trying to tell him something…or is his past finally catching up with him?

Memorable QuotesEdit

"But this is an emergency... I have to get off this plane!"

- Jeff


In the Publisher's Summary on the back of the book, it lists the main character's name as "Nick Hadley." The main character in this book is not "Nick," but is actually named "Jeff Hadley."

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