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Sam Austen
Sgt Sam Austen
Name Sam Austen
Gender Male
Country Iowa, US
Washington, US
Occupation US Army Sergeant
Family Daughter - Kate Austen
Ex-Wife - Diane Jansen
Episode(s) What Kate Did, One of Them
Played By Lindsey Ginter

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Sam was married to a woman named Diane; while he was overseas in Korea, Diane conceived a child with a man named Wayne Jansen. Diane would later give birth to Sam’s daughter Kate. Although Sam was not her biological father, he assumed the responsibilities of her father, because he loved her. When Kate was 5 years old, Diane and Sam broke up, and Diane would marry Wayne; Sam attempted to take Kate along with him, but Diane would not allow it. (What Kate Did)

Sam Austen was a United States Army Sergeant during the Gulf War. While overseas in Iraq, Sam used a man named Sayid and his ability to speak English to his advantage in an effort to help gain information from Sayid's Commanding Officer Tariq who had knowledge of the whereabouts of a US Army Pilot. (One of Them)

Years later, Sam Austen would be visited at his army base by Kate who confronted him after discovering that Wayne was her biological father. When she asked why he did not tell her he was her father, he replied by saying that he knew Kate would kill Wayne. When Kate asked why Sam didn’t kill him, he responded by telling her that he did not have murder in his heart. Sam informs Kate that he is going to have to alert the US Marshals, when she asks for an hour, he tearfully grants her the request, hugs her, and watches her leave his life once more. (What Kate Did)

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