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Name Unknown
Gender Female
Country Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Episode(s) Pilot - Part 1, Pilot - Part 2, Tabula Rasa, Walkabout, White Rabbit, House of the Rising Sun, The Moth, Confidence Man, Raised By Another, Whatever the Case May Be, Homecoming, Outlaws, ...In Translation, Do No Harm, The Greater Good, Exodus - Part 1, Exodus - Part 2, Collision
Played By Faith Fay

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She was one of the many survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 and is present for many of the occurrences on the island.

Life Before Flight 815Edit

Not much is known about her past at this point, however, she has appeared in several flashbacks of other characters at the airport as she herself was also there to board Oceanic Airlines Flight 815. She passed behind Jin and Jack when they are at the check-in counter. She was sitting next to Walt when Michael left to make a phone call. She was waiting in the check-in line, when Shannon was lying on the bench. She also passed by Hurley when he was rushing to the security check-in, during this she had her arms around an unknown man.

On-Island LifeEdit

After the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, she found herself on a mysterious island with 47 other survivors of the Fuselage section. On the first night while recovering, she heard the roars of what the survivors have come to name “The Monster” in the jungle. After the group began to panic about their supplies, Sayid made a speech about forming teams to gather items from the wreckage, and she was present to hear this. She was also present for a portion of the day with Craig and the next day when the group was gathering wood in “Walkabout”, she joined in with Craig. In “White Rabbit” she is seen with Jerome in the morning, and at night when the group turns on Boone for stealing water, she was with Scott.

After Jack made the decision to move into the jungle and use the caves as a suitable living space, she decided to stay on the beach with Sawyer, Kate, Sayid and other survivors. When the tide shifted in “Whatever the Case May Be, she assisted the other survivors in salvaging the luggage which was floating into the ocean. That night, she joined her fellow camp in moving down the beach, and spent the night with Craig. In “Outlaws”, she was seen folding clothes with Richard.

After the raft is set ablaze in “...In Translation”, she witnessed this occurrence and also Michael’s accusation of Jin. She was present for the unveiling of Aaron Littleton by Claire in “Do No Harm” and then attended Boone’s funeral that week and stood next to Scott and Craig during this.

When Danielle Rousseau arrived at the camp to deliver her dire warning about “the Others”, she was present to hear this, and later was witness to the black smoke that filled the sky, as she was helping the party with the raft. When Jack delivered his speech about gathering in the caves, she packed her supplies and prepared to leave. When the raft launched, she was present on the beach to say goodbye with her arm around Craig.

In “Collision”, when Jin arrived back at the camp, she welcomed him along with the new additions of Libby and Bernard.


She is referred to by the nickname "Sexy Blue Striped Shirt Girl" or simply "SBSSG" in fan cirles. Her actual name is unknown. It is possible that she is one of the unseen, but named female characters, such as Tracey or Janelle Granger. The latter is made more likely by the fact that she was one of only two unnamed women near Steve's body when it was discovered, and in the ABC Diary, Janelle is the one who found the body.

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