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Seoul Gateway Hotel
Name Seoul Gateway Hotel
Country Seoul, South Korea
Introduced In ...And Found
Type Hotel

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The Seoul Gateway Hotel is one of the finest hotels in South Korea. It was previously an employer of Jin, and the restaurant that Sun and Jae frequented.

Jin and Mr. KimEdit

Jin considered his interview with the Seoul Gateway Hotel to be very important, he dressed "stunning" for it, and even purchased a brand new tie for it. When he arrived though, he would soon learn that Mr. Kim, who was interviewing him, was not very friendly at all. Mr. Kim asked Jin what village he was from claiming that he was "obviously not from the city"; when Jin answered, Mr. Kim stated that the thought he smelled fish on him. Mr. Kim eventually provided Jin with the job under the condition that he work rain or shine, that he doesn't take a vacation or ask for time or, and that he not open the door for "people like him". Jin took to his new job immediately, opening the door for a lot of important people, including Jae Lee who had come to the hotel to meet for a date and borrowed Jin's flower, to which Jin felt he was somewhat "important" and making headway. Things took a turn when Jin allowed a Poor Man and his son access to the hotel's bathroom, disobeying Mr. Kim's wishing. Jin was reprimanded for this and was ordered to re-enter the hotel and kick them out, Jin resigned his post as of that moment.

Sun and JaeEdit

Sun Paik was pressured by her parents to get married after she had returned from college without a husband, so her mother called a matchmaker to set her up on a date. Sun would be set-up with Jae Lee, a Harvard Graduate who came from an incredibly wealthy family. Jae Lee was also being pressured by his mother and father into getting married. As the two continued to meet, Sun found herself very comfortable with Jae and thought she had found the right fit for her, however, Jae felt just the opposite. Jae had plans to return to America in 6 months to marry and American woman he had met while at Harvard, and had no intentions of a future with Sun. Crushed by this, Sun left the hotel abruptly, making an excuse about having an appointment, and left the hotel in embarrassment.

Jae Lee's father is the hotel's owner. Jae Lee becomes the manager.

Sun and Jae would later reunite years later, and the two would often see each other in secret at the Seoul Gateway Hotel so that Jae could give Sun English lessons.


These are characters that have been involved with the Seoul Gateway Hotel in one way or another.



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