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Security Officer
Name Unknown
Gender Male
Country Los Angeles, California, USA
Occupation Los Angeles International Airport Security
Episode(s) LA X
Played By Percival Scott III

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The security officer was a member of the security team working at the Los Angeles International Airport on the day Oceanic Flight 815 arrived from Sydney, Australia in the alternate timeline created by the detonation of the hydrogen core. The security officer entered one of the terminal's south elevators to discover Sawyer and Kate already occupying it. As the elevator was active, the officer received a call over his radio of a code "341", and was ordered to rendevous with the other agents. Sawyer then pressed the officer about what the code meant, but the officer said it was confidential. Sawyer then stated that, if it was confidential, he would be unable to identify one if he witnessed it. As the elevator stopped, Sawyer purposely stepped in front of the officer and his partner to allow Kate to pass first, under the guise of "women first", as Sawyer realized that the code 341 was likely in regards to Kate herself, as he noticed her handcuffs hidden under a jacket as she first entered the elevator. (LA X)

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