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This article is about a scene which is considered Non-Canon in the world
of LOST, and is listed here for informational and reference purposes.

The Huddle
Name The Huddle
Episode Homecoming
Characters Claire Littleton, Jack Shephard


Jack and Claire discuss her current situations and health. Jack inquires if any memories had returned yet, and tells her to give the other survivors time to deal with the situation as they are just confused.

Background InformationEdit


  • [Claire sitting on a rock, looking around the caves almost nervously. Jack has her hand in his right hand and a watch in his left hand.]
  • CLAIRE: So, what is this, like our infirmary?
  • JACK: Next best thing.
  • CLAIRE: I have this friend, back home, she’s really into herbalist medicine. You know, the whole ‘hospitals are evil, keep things natural’ bit. She would love this place.
  • JACK: Any nausea, headaches?
  • [Claire shakes her head ‘no’ to both.]
  • JACK: Have you been feeling the baby move at all?
  • CLAIRE [nods]: Yeah. It’s like he’s running laps in there.
  • JACK: Well, if he’s as strong as your heart rate, you’re both in great shape. How you holding up otherwise?
  • CLAIRE: Okay.
  • JACK: Any memory coming back?
  • CLAIRE: Mmmm, bits and pieces, you know, seem familiar. Like I’ve met them before in another life or something. It helps the more I talk about it. Brings things into focus more, you know?
  • [Both nod.]
  • CLAIRE: But, um, everyone’s avoiding me. I think I freak them out. I’m ‘the weird amnesia chick.’
  • JACK [laughs]: Well, it’s nice to meet you, ‘weird amnesia chick.’ I’m the… ‘heroic doctor.’
  • CLAIRE [smiles]: Oh, is that so?
  • JACK: Oh, well, minus the ‘heroic’ part.
  • [They both laugh.]
  • JACK: Just give them some time. They’re just… confused.
  • CLAIRE: Yeah, well… I know how they feel.

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