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This article is about a scene which is considered Non-Canon in the world
of LOST, and is listed here for informational and reference purposes.

The Huddle
Name The Huddle
Episode Homecoming
Characters James "Sawyer" Ford, Kate Austen, Jack Shephard, Sayid Jarrah, John Locke, Charlie Pace


Sawyer discusses the huddle of Jack, Sayid and Locke with Kate saying that they're going to decide the fate of the survivors, and compares their discussions to C-SPAN.

Background InformationEdit

  • This scene was meant to be in the episode Homecoming, right after the scene in which Sayid questions whether Claire actually has amnesia and Charlie storms off.


  • [Shot of Sayid, Locke and Jack talking about what to do about Claire as Charlie walks away. Pans to Sawyer leaning on a pole of his tent.]
  • SAWYER: Hell, this is better then C-SPAN.
  • [Kate smiles.]
  • KATE: What’s that supposed to mean?
  • SAWYER: Nothing. Just makes me all warm and fuzzy knowing we got ‘the brain trust’ over there deciding our fate.
  • [Kate crouches down by him.]
  • KATE: I’m sure it’s just about Claire coming back. They’re not deciding our fate.
  • SAWYER: Whatever you say, Sugarpop.
  • KATE: I’d say your paranoid, Tex.
  • SAWYER [chuckles]: Then why are they all huddled up? You think Locke’s gonna call a hike?
  • KATE: If you’re so curious, why don’t you walk over there and find out?
  • SAWYER: Why don’t you walk over there?
  • KATE: C-SPAN bores me.
  • [Sawyer grins.]

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