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This article is about a scene which is considered Non-Canon in the world
of LOST, and is listed here for informational and reference purposes.

Finding the Tell
Name Finding the Tell
Episode Tabula Rasa
Characters John Locke, Walt Lloyd , Charlie Pace, Claire Littleton, Boone Carlyle, Shannon Rutherford, Sayid Jarrah, Sawyer, Kate Austen


Locke walks with Lloyd and discusses with him the subtle are of finding someones "tell" in a poker game. As he points out the various survivors, he gestures to Kate and states that there are somepeople you just can’t read at all.

Background InformationEdit

  • This scene was meant to be in the episode Tabula Rasa.


  • [Locke and Walt walking through some thickets or something towards the beach.]
  • WALT: I thought it was called a bluff.
  • LOCKE: Well, bluffin’, lyin’; it’s all the same in poker.
  • WALT: Can you teach me?
  • [Locke spits out some twigs he was chewing on.]
  • LOCKE: You want to be a good poker player; you need to be able to spot a liar. And the only way to spot a liar is to find their ‘tell.’ The easiest tell is one someone makes with their body.
  • [Shot of Charlie and Claire talking. Charlie fidgeting, moving hands a lot, Claire rubbing belly.]
  • LOCKE: They tense up, make a fist, curl their toes.
  • [Walt nods. Shot of Boone following Shannon as they argue over something, well, probably nothing.]
  • LOCKE: Another amateur mistake: Some people get very defensive when they’re lying, even hostile.
  • [Shot of Sayid leading a group of four red-shirts that are putting a tarp over some wreckage to collect water when it rains.]
  • LOCKE: More experienced players use distractions to keep your attention off their cards. * * * [Nods in Sawyer’s direction.] Others avoid contact altogether.
  • [Sawyer sitting off to the side with a cigarette in his mouth looking like he wants to help but won’t.]
  • LOCKE: They isolate themselves for fear of being unable to hide the truth. And then some people… [Shot of Kate walking up with suitcases in both hands and a bag on her shoulder. Her face is expressionless.]
  • LOCKE: [Clicks tongue] …you just can’t read at all.

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