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This article is about a scene which is considered Non-Canon in the world
of LOST, and is listed here for informational and reference purposes.

Name Smoking
Episode Pilot - Part 1
Characters Sawyer, Charlie Pace


After the crash, Sawyer and Charlie discuss whether or not Sawyer's smoking near the wreckage is a good idea. Charlie is also given a cigarette by Sawyer.

Background InformationEdit


  • [Sawyer lighting a cigarette while leaning his back on the wheels of the plane.]
  • CHARLIE: Are you sure you, um, uh, excuse me. Are you sure you should be smoking with the plane… stuff?
  • SAWYER: Yep.
  • CHARLIE: Okay... excellent. Just thought I’d ask.
  • [Charlie begins walking away but then goes and stands right next to Sawyer trying to look cool]
  • CHARLIE: Can I have one of your cigarettes?
  • [Sawyer hands him the one he’s been smoking]
  • CHARLIE: Thanks.
  • [Charlie walks away as Sawyer lights up another cigarette]

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