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This article is about a scene which is considered Non-Canon in the world
of LOST, and is listed here for informational and reference purposes.

Seeing Walt
Name Seeing Walt
Episode Man of Science, Man of Faith
Characters Shannon Rutherford, Sun-Hwa Kwon


Sun attempts to gather information about Shannon's supposed vision of Walt Lloyd. Shannon explains that she didn't see him, and that it was only brought on by her current stress.

Background InformationEdit


  • SUN: You saw Walt? That's what you said. You saw him in the jungle.
  • SHANNON: I don't know what I saw.
  • SUN: What do you think he was trying to tell you?
  • SHANNON: Look, I was really tired. After the... I hadn't slept.
  • SUN: Please, Shannon. Don't lie to me. It's not helping.
  • SHANNON: Whatever it is I thought I saw, is only because I'm such a disaster right now, okay?
  • SUN: Tell me what you think you saw.
  • SHANNON: I didn't see him, Sun. How could I? It's not possible. They're sailing on the raft, probably miles from here by now. And we're just waiting, for God knows what. Trust me, they're the lucky ones.

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