Scene 11 - What's Your Story?

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This article is about a scene which is considered Non-Canon in the world
of LOST, and is listed here for informational and reference purposes.

What's Your Story?
Name What's Your Story?
Episode Fire + Water
Characters Hurley, Libby


Libby and Hurley do laundry inside the hatch and discuss their past lives. Libby reveals that she was a shrink dealing with marriage and family counseling, and Hurley reveals that he is a lottery winner, and is shocked that she believes him.

Background InformationEdit


  • HURLEY: Oh, uh... I think these are yours.
  • LIBBY: Sure they're not yours?
  • HURLEY: So, what do you do? You know, before.
  • LIBBY: I'm a shrink. I specialize in marriage and family counseling.
  • HURLEY: So, you make hyper kids hit stuff with nerf bats?
  • LIBBY: Thats EXACTLY what I do.
  • HURLEY: So, are you married?
  • LIBBY: Nope. But I was. Several times.
  • HURLEY: How many is several?
  • LIBBY: Well, if the annulments count, then three...Hey. At least now I know what NOT to do.
  • LIBBY: OK, now it's your turn. What's the Hurley story?
  • HURLEY: Uh, I've had a bunch of jobs. Mostly...dealing with chicken. And, and I kind of won the lottery.
  • LIBBY: Really? How much did you win?
  • HURLEY: 114 million. But now I'm worth like, 156 million, because of like, investments and stuff.
  • LIBBY: Oh, that's amazing.
  • HURLEY: Uh... you believe me?
  • LIBBY: Yeah. Why would anyone lie about something like that?
  • HURLEY: Libby, would you like to... take a walk sometime? With me I mean?
  • LIBBY: Promise not to step on my foot?
  • HURLEY: Well, yeah. Of course not.
  • LIBBY: Then, I'd love to.

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