Scene 10 - The Doctor's Solution

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This article is about a scene which is considered Non-Canon in the world
of LOST, and is listed here for informational and reference purposes.

The Doctor's Solution
Name The Doctor's Solution
Episode Fire + Water
Characters Ana-Lucia Cortez, Mr. Eko


Ana speaks with Eko about Jack's plan to go after the Others, however, Eko disagrees with this plan stating that for the most part the Fuselage survivors have been left alone, and that perhaps they are safe there.

Background InformationEdit


  • ANA-LUCIA: You can use a pen for that, you know. I'm sure someone here could lend you one.
  • EKO: I don't want to use a pen.
  • ANA-LUCIA: I've been talking to the doctor. He wants to go after them.
  • EKO: After who?
  • ANA-LUCIA: Them.
  • EKO: Why?
  • ANA-LUCIA: Do we really need a reason? After all they did to us?
  • EKO: So your solution: the doctor's solution: is to attack? And then what? For the most part, they have left these people alone. Perhaps, we are safe here.
  • ANA-LUCIA: What happened to the man who killed two of them with his bare hands?
  • EKO: He is right here, sitting beside a tree, and talking to you.

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