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Savannah McCulloch
Name Savannah McCulloch
Gender Female
Country Lochheath, Scotland
Occupation Student, Painter
Novel(s) Signs of Life

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Savannah McCulloch was a student at Robert Burns College in Lochheath, Scotland who learned under Art Professor Jeff Hadley. Savannah and Jeff eventually became an item, and would spend most of their time together at Jeff's cottage where they would sketch, paint, and make love.

When Jeff was offered the chance to be honoured at the Newton Museum of Art in Sydney, he took it and informed Savannah of it. What he neglected to inform her of was that she would not be accompanying him to Sydney, he figured that since he would not leave until weeks later, he would have the perfect opportunity to let her down gently. He failed to do so, and left Savannah heartbroken and alone when he left.

After Jeff had left for Sydney, Savannah, feeling ill, visited her gynecologist and learned that she was pregnant. Not knowing what to do, she finally decided to seek Jeff out after she found a drawing of a plane with the number 815 written on it. Savannah rushed to the airport, but while on the way there, was involved in an accident which caused the glass from the windshield to slice her wrists, killing her and the child she was carrying.

Savannah later appeared on the island in a vision to Jeff and forgave him for everything that he had done back in Scotland.

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