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Sam's Facebook Profile
Name Sam's Facebook Profile
Introduced In Find 815
Revealed January 2, 2008

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Sam's Facebook Profile is revealed through the Find 815 Alternate Reality Game. Sam possesses a profile on the Social Networking site Facebook.

Information GivenEdit

Sam lists very few facts about himself, these being that his Birthday is on May 20, his email is, and his current town is Sydney, Australia. Sam has links to two websites: and his MySpace profile.

He also lists an entry in the "About Me" section:

My name is Sam Thomas. I used to work for Oceanic Airlines as an IT technician. My partner Sonya also worked for Oceanic. She was a flight attendant. Sonya was aboard Flight 815 when it...disappeared?

I need to know what happened. I’ve had enough of waiting until it’s too late. After Oceanic decided to abandon the search for 815 I had to find the answers for myself and for Sonya. Go to to help me find the answers.

Status UpdatesEdit

Sam has made two updates to his status so far:

  • January 5, 2008 - Sam Thomas is heading to Jakarta
  • January 13, 2008 - Sam Thomas's finding internet aboard the Christiane I is unstable. He's not sure he's on the right trail but isn't giving up hope.