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Sabrina Carlyle
Sabrina Carlyle
Name Sabrina Carlyle
Gender Female
Country Malibu, CA, USA
Occupation Owns a Chain of Wedding Planners
Spouse Adam Rutherford
Child Boone Carlyle
Shannon Rutherford (Step-Daughter)
Episode(s) Abandoned
Played By Lindsay Frost

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Sabrina Carlyle was the wealthy mother of Boone Carlyle; Sabrina owns a very large Wedding Business. When her son was 10, she married a man named Adam Rutherford, because of this she would gain a step-daughter Shannon Rutherford. Throughout their lives together, Sabrina would have an animosity towards Shannon and would have feelings of resentment toward Shannon’s relationship with her father.

When her husband passed away from his injuries received in a car collision, Adam’s money was passed to Sabrina through their living trust. When Shannon confronted Sabrina over the money that her father left her in the will, Sabrina informed Shannon that a will did not exist, and that she would receive none of the money. When she was requested money to help Shannon pursue her Dance Internship in New York, Sabrina denied claiming that Shannon would never pay her back, and that perhaps it was Adam’s wish for her to find her own way. When Sabrina was approached by Boone, who was put up by Shannon to get the money, Sabrina denied this as well; fully aware of what Shannon was doing. To spite Shannon further, Sabrina offered Boone a very high job at her company to run one of the subsidiaries to pressure him into leaving New York, and giving Shannon no options in her favour.

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