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Rupa Krishnavani
Rupa Krishnavani
Name Rupa Krishnavani
Gender Female
Country Unknown
Occupation Flight Attendant
Episode(s) 316, Namaste
Played By Kavita Patil

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Rupa Krishnavani was a flight attendant employed by Ajira Airways who worked aboard Ajira Flight 316. Her initial role aboard the flight appeared to be to check the tickets for each passenger boarding the plane, as well as answer any questions or concerns a passenger might have. After Jack Shephard boarded the plane, Krishnavani presented him with a note that was found when security did a routine check of John Locke's body while it was checked into cargo storage. After Jack hears the pilot's initial announcement and realizes that Frank Lapidus is the one piloting the plane, he goes to Rupa to request a meeting with the captain once the flight is underway. (316)

When the flight passed over the spot identified by Eloise Hawking as the location of the island, a bright white light engulfed the plane, and members of the Oceanic Six disappeared suddenly. The plane also suffered slight instrumentation failure and turbulence, which caused Krishnavani to be tossed about the plane's cabin. She has not been seen since. (Namaste) Most likely she died in the plane crash.

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