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Rousseau's Maps
Name Rousseau's Maps
Introduced In Solitary
Last Seen In Numbers
Owned By Danielle Rousseau
Found By Sayid Jarrah

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Danielle Rousseau seems to have sketched out a map of the island, and various places on the island during her 16 years spent there.

Sayid's TheftEdit

When Sayid was captured by Rousseau in the jungle after he followed a wire he had found on the beach, he was taken underground to her makeshift shelter. While there, Sayid heard the story of Danielle's arrival on the island, and what had happened since then. Sayid repaired Danielle's music box, the reason for doing so was to earn Danielle's trust, and to get his hands on tools that would aid his escape. When Danielle left to investigate a noise made by what she believed was one of the bears, Sayid freed himself and gathered supplies including one of her rifles and the maps she had drawn.

Sayid and ShannonEdit

Sayid enlisted the help of Shannon Rutherford as she spoke a little bit of French that she had picked up while she lived in Saint-Tropez. After looking over the documents, she later realized that the writing on the map which before sounded like nonsense, now made sense as they were lyrics from the Charles Trenet song "La Mer", which appeared at the end of the French version of Finding Nemo which Shannon watched with a boy named Laurent in Saint-Tropez.



Rousseau's Map

  • Face Au Vent - Face-to-Face with the Wind
  • Côte Sauvage - Wild coast
  • Vents D'Ouest - Winds Of West
  • A Des Reflects D'Argent.. La Mer Des Reflects changeant. - With silver reflections the sea changing reflections.
  • Au Bord De L'étang - At the edge of the pond
  • Regret Bleu - Blue Regret
  • Récifs Coralliens - Coral Reefs
  • Versant Exposé - Exposed Slope
  • Lagon Bleu Azure - Blue, blue Lagoon
  • Sables Mouvants - Moving Sands
  • Epave - Wreck
  • La baie Des Crabes - The Bay of Crabs
  • Côte Des Moustiques - Mosquito Coast
  • Le Long Des Golfes Clairs Le Long Des Golfes Clairs - Along The Gulfs Clear Along The Gulfs Clear
  • La Mer qu'on voit Danser le long des Golfes Clairs a des reflets D'Argent. - The sea dancing along the clear gulfs has silver reflections.
  • Roc Sous Les Alizés - Rock under the trade winds
  • Le Cratère - The Crater

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