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  1. Provide information and cite reasoning to back up your theory. Posting a statement which is speculative is not acceptable unless it has a follow-up expalining why you believe that.
  2. Theories are not to be placed on the Main Article or on the Discussion page for the article.
  3. Do not take credit for your theory and avoid leaving a signature.
  4. Do not post theories which have been proven to be discredited.
Please see the Theories Policy for more information.

To me Room 23 recalls not only A Clockwork Orange but Plato's Republic. One of the most famous chapters in the republic weaves the image of a prisoner who is chained to a chair in a cave and forced to watch shadows on a wall projected by puppeteers. However, he is freed by another entity and dragged to the daylight, representing a journey to intellectual freedom and truth. Consequently: Karl is tied to a chair and forced to watch flickering images presumably created by The Others as a substitute for reality. However, he is freed and dragged out to complete freedom by Alex, Kate, and Sawyer.

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