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Rolex Watch
Rolex Watch
Name Rolex Watch
Introduced In House of the Rising Sun
Last Seen In Exodus - Part 2
Owned By Jin-Soo Kwon
Found By Michael Dawson

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The Rolex Watch was a gift from Mr. Paik to his various associates in Australia and the United States.

Reason for TravelEdit

Mr. Paik wanted Jin to deliver the watches to his associates in Sydney, Australia and California, USA and was the prime reason Jin and his wife, Sun, were aboard Oceanic Airlines Flight 815.

When Jin decided that he was sick of working for Mr. Paik, he paid a visit to his father, with whom he'd been estranged with for many years. He told his father of his current troubles, and was given the advice of delivering the watches and then escaping to America.

While at the Sydney Airport bathroom, Jin came face to face with a man in a Hawaiian Shirt, who was an employee of Mr. Paik. He informed Jin that he was aware he was going to run away, and that he was going to deliver the watch, and that if he did anything else, he would lose Sun. He also told Jin that he was not free, he had never been, and never would be.

Jin and MichaelEdit

In House of the Rising Sun, Jin spotted Michael on the beach and ran towards him and tackled him, he then punched him several times and attempted to drown him on the beach. Jin was speared by Sayid and handcuffed to a piece of the wreckage for the day.

When Sun approached Michael and revealed she spoke English, she informed him that the reason Jin attacked him was because of the watch, and that protecting the watch was a matter of honour. Michael returned to Jin and told him that he found the watch on the beach and thought it was cool, he told Jin of his current problems with his son, Walt, and stated that on top of them he had to deal with "a deranged Korean". Michael returned the watch to Jin, he used the axe to free Jin from the wreckage, but the handcuff would remain on his wrist.

While on the raft together, Jin presented the watch to Michael as a gift.

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