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Rob Hamill
Name Rob Hamill
Gender Male
Country Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Chief of Surgery at St. Sebastian Hospital
Episode(s) Through the Looking Glass
Played By James Lesure

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Dr. Rob Hamill is the Chief of Surgery at St. Sebastian Hospital, and first meets Jack after he saves a woman and her son from a burning car wreck, and is examining her documents. Jack requests the opportunity to perform her surgery, however, Dr. Hamill denies his request claiming that Gary Nadler would be performing the surgery and that Jack should go home and rest.

Hamill caught Jack looking through the patient's file to see the outcome of the surgery, and Hamill informs Jack that the operation was a complete success. Hamill also reveals that she was able to recount the moments before the accident, and questions Jack as to why he was going to commit suicide. When Jack becomes frustrated at Hamill, he asks him to bring his father down and if that he's drunker than his father, that Hamill could fire him. When Hamill offer Jack his help, Jack refuses claiming that he can't help him.

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