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A Widmore Employee?Edit

This reporter would seem a natural fit to be under the employment of Charles Widmore, providing a media extension of Widmore's power and grossly large ego. He is well-spoken, and carefully chooses his words and delivers them in a smooth yet calculating fashion. He may very well be born into the Widmore Corporation extended family, or he could be a regular person, an aspiring reporter given the offer of a lifetime by a major corporation and entrepreneur he knew little about except market share and stock value. In future episodes, one possibility could be revisiting this reporter's involvement in the main plot, and finding out how much he really knows. Widmore's employees all seem extremely qualified in their individual fields, and if the Reporter is an employee of The Widmore Corporation, then it is to be believed that he may have information that the Oceanic 6 can use to return to The Island and save their stranded friends and family.

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