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Ray Shephard
Ray Shephard
Name Ray Shephard
Gender Male
Country Los Angeles, California, USA
Occupation Retiree
Family Son - Christian Shephard
Daughter-in-Law - Margo Shephard
Grandson - Jack Shephard
Ex-Granddaughter-in-Law - Sarah Shephard
Granddaughter - Claire Littleton
Great-Grandson - Aaron Littleton
Episode(s) 316
Played By Raymond J. Barry

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Ray Shephard is the father of Christian Shephard, and the grandfather of Jack Shephard. Through Christian and Carole Littleton, Ray is also the grandfather of Claire Littleton and the great-grandfather of Aaron Littleton.

Some time before the wedding of Jack and Sarah, Christian presented his son with a watch given to him by Ray when he married Jack's mother, Margo. Christian tells Jack that Ray had told him directly that he felt Christian's marriage to Margo was a mistake, which caused Christian to choose to never wear the watch. Christian used this story to reassure Jack about his upcoming nuptials by stating that he felt absolutely certain Sarah was the right woman for him. (The Watch)

Prior to boarding Ajira Airways Flight 316, Jack received a call from the nursing home where Ray resided, which informed him that Ray had attempted to escape the facility yet again. Upon arriving at the home, Jack met with Ray, who told his grandson that one day he would escape to a place no one would find him. Noticing that his grandfather had packed a suitcase for his escape attempt, Jack began unpacking the luggage. Upon doing so, Jack discovered a pair of dress shoes which Ray remarked belonged to Christian, who died before Jack's fateful flight on Oceanic Flight 815. Following Christian's death, Margo had given some of his belongings to Ray for safekeeping and memorial. Jack requested that he take the shoes as a reminder of his father, which Ray agreed to. Jack eventually placed these shoes on the corpse of John Locke prior to taking his corpse on board Ajira 316, en route to attempting to return to the island. (316)

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