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Ray Mullen
Ray Mullin 2
Name Ray Mullen
Gender Male
Country Australia
Occupation Farmer
Family Wife - Mrs. Mullen
Episode(s) Tabula Rasa
Played By Nick Tate

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Ray Mullen was an Australian farmer, who had a prosthetic right arm and whose wife had died and left him with an abundance of chores and a large mortgage. When a girl named ”Annie” wandered onto his farm, he offered her a fair wage helping him with some of the chores that he had. When 3 months had passed, he noticed Kate leaving in the middle of the night, he convinced her to stay and set up a trap as he was aware of the girl’s fugitive status he notified the proper authorities. (Tabula Rasa)

While driving her to the train station, a US Marshal pulled up beside them to apprehend the fugitive. Ray admitted to Kate that he turned her in for the $23,000 reward after seeing her picture at the post office a few days earlier. When the time came, Kate revealed her name was not actually Annie and then grabbed the wheel veering it off into a nearby ditch. As the truck caught fire, Kate grabbed Ray and pulled him from the truck to safety. (Tabula Rasa)

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