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Name Ray
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Doctor aboard the Kahana
Episode(s) The Constant, Meet Kevin Johnson, The Shape of Things to Come, Cabin Fever
Played By Marc Vann

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Ray is a doctor aboard the Kahana. After George Minkowski returned from his attempted venture to the Island, he began to display an odd behaviour related to a time-related consciousness disorder. Ray attempted to treat Minkowski, however, the crew had removed him from the position of Communications Officer, and strapped him to a bed in sick bay. When Desmond arrived aboard the Kahana, he began to display the same symptoms. Ray treated George with a sedative to calm him down, and then administered an eye test to Desmond, during which one of his occurrences was noticed by Ray. When Sayid and Frank entered the room with the satellite phone which Daniel had called, Sayid forced Ray against the wall. Ray managed to press the alarm, signaling Keamy and Omar for help. Frank claimed that Daniel stated that he could help, to which Ray stated that "Faraday can't even help himself". (The Constant)

Ray witness Regina's suicide aboard the deck of the Kahana as she threw her self overboard wrapped in heavy chains. Ray escorted Sayid and Desmond to visit Gault and commented that he "tells it like it is, just don't piss him off". Ray presented the two to their new quarters, which was infested with cockroaches, and contained a larged blood spatter on the wall which Ray stated shouldn't be there. Ray called deckhand, Kevin Johnson, over to clean up the mess, and introduced him to Sayid and Desmond. (Ji Yeon)

Ray's body was discovered on the beach by the survivors, with his throat slit. Daniel identifies him as Ray, and claims that he was fine when they left. At Bernard's suggestion, Daniel contacts the freighter after modifying the satellite phone to transmit morse code, and inquires as to what happened to the doctor. The freighter responds by saying that the doctor is fine. (The Shape of Things to Come)

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