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Rachel Blake
Name Rachel Blake
Gender Female
Country United States of America
Occupation Unknown
Father Alvar Hanso
Appears In The Lost Experience
Played By Jamie Silberhartz

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Extremely little is known about Rachel Blake. She seems to have a strong personal vendetta against The Hanso Foundation, but the reasons for it remains a mystery. In an audio file, she mentions that her mother is dead, and that is the reason why she is fighting against the Hanso Foundation. It was revealed at the end of the Lost Experience that she is in fact the daughter of Alvar Hanso, and that the Hanso Foundation provided a trust fund to her in secret while she was growing up with her mother.

Character HistoryEdit

On May 2, 2006 the Hanso Foundation website ( fell under attack from a hacker known only as "Persephone." By navigating the website in certain ways, visitors were shown images, played audio and linked to other sites, all of which suggesting that The Hanso Foundation's purpose is far darker than simply "reaching out for a better tomorrow".

On June 17, a woman calling herself Rachel Blake began posting videos online. The first was found hidden on the website In the videos, Rachel describes her mission to expose the Hanso Foundation and bring their shady dealings to light.

On June 30, in a post on her online blog, Rachel revealed that she was responsible for the hacker attacks on the Hanso website, confirming many of her followers' suspicions that she is, indeed, "Persephone".

On July 22, during Comic-Con International, Rachel Blake appeared in a simulated confrontation of two of the series' producers and two actors during a Lost panel discussion. She claimed the Hanso foundation is real and accused the producers of using its entity for entertainment purposes; she argued that the Foundation has done "terrible things" in Africa, Iceland and Sri Lanka. She later identified another Lost Experience website: Security then escorted her away. (YouTube is currently hosting a video of the confrontation.)

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