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A premonition refers to a situation when future events are foreknown or forecast. However, the distinction between precognition and ordinary evidence-based predictions is sometimes not made sharply. "Premonition" may be defined to include or exclude ordinary predictions, and this means a fallacy of linguistic ambiguity can lead to an overly supernatural explanation for predictions' accuracy. The following are instances on LOST in which a character has predicted or referred to an incident before it occurred.

Prior to Flight 815 Edit

Richard Malkin
Malkin's Knowledge of Aaron

At the advise of a friend, Claire visited a psychic named Richard Malkin, who informed her that great danger surrounded her child, and that her child must be raised by no one other than herself. After months of harassment by Malkin, Claire finally agreed to meet with him to here his plan, which was her letting a couple of "good people" in Los Angeles raise her child. However, Claire later discovered that Malkin knew the plane would crash with her on it, thus ensuring that her child would be raised by her.

Flashes - MsHawking
Desmond's Past

After turning the fail-safe key inside the Swan, Desmond appears to relive certain events from his past, and is able to make certain alterations. Desmond attempts to purchase an engagement ring from Ms. Hawking, however, she contradicts him and tells him that it was not how things were supposed to play out. She informs him of how he leaves Penny and flees to the island to push the button, and then turn the key, and that if he doesn't every single person would die.

On the IslandEdit

Rose - Walkabout
Bernard Being Alive

After the crash, Rose became distant from the rest of her survivors. When Jack reached out to her, Rose spoke about her husband, Bernard, to which Jack asked if she wanted to say anything about him at the memorial taking place that night. Rose stated that her husband was not dead, and that the Tail Section survivors were probably thinking they were dead as well. Rose turned out to be correct, and she and her husband were reunited.

Ethan Rom - One of Us
Claire Being Attacked

Claire has a premonition about her child being kidnapped from her, as well as wandering through the jungle and seeing a crib with an Oceanic Airlines mobile hanging above it. Claire and Charlie would later be kidnapped by Ethan in All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues. Claire also saw the plane mobile inside the Staff Station in Maternity Leave.

Shannon's Death

After Boone told Locke that he was going to tell Shannon about the hatch, Locke knocked Boone out and applied a substance to the back of his head. This induced a vision which depicted Shannon being chased down and mangled by "The Monster". Shannon would later be killed by Ana-Lucia in Abandoned.

Vision - Boone
The Beechcraft and Boone's Death

Locke had a dream about a Beechcraft crashing in the jungle, as well as Boone, covered in blood, repeating the phrase "Theresa falls up the stairs; Theresa falls down the stairs." Locke, later asks Boone who Theresa was, and he explains that it was his childhood nanny, whose death he feels responsible for. Boone and Locke finally arrive at the plane which is perched in the canopy. Boone climbs the cliff, and inside the plane he finds a radio, which he uses to contact Bernard for a few seconds, before the plane falls to the earth, with Boone inside. The fall sustains great injury to Boone, so great that he dies as a result.

Walt - The Greater Good
Walt's Concern About Sharks

While building the raft together, Walt makes a comment about whether or not the raft would be attacked by sharks, to which Michael replies "shark's not getting anywhere near us". However, the raft was later witness to a shark attack in Adrift.

Walt - Born to Run
Walt's Knowledge of the Hatch

After Michael was accidentally poisoned by Sun, Walt confided to Locke that he was not responsible, feeling that Locke might have though he did, since he burnt the first raft. Locke states that he didn't tell on him before and that he wasn't going to tell on him now, and that he would never do anything to hurt his dad, and placed him hand on Walt's wrist, at which point Walt pulls away. When Locke inquires as to what was wrong, Walt replies "Don't open it." and "Don't open it, Mr. Locke. Don't open that thing.", when Locke inquires as to what he was talking about, Walt replies "Just don't open it.". Walt was referring to the Hatch which would be opened by Locke in Exodus - Part 2.

Walt - Abandoned
Visions of Walt

Shannon saw Walt on three seperate occasions. The first occurred while she was searching for Vincent in the jungle, and came across Walt, soaking wet, who said "Don't push the button. The button's bad." backwards. Walt was referencing the button inside the Hatch which the survivors would soon discover.

A second occurrence was when she was post-coital with Sayid, and found Walt standing in her tent, and then said "They're coming and they're close" backwards, referring to the Tail Section survivors.

The final occurrence was in the jungle with Sayid, who also saw Walt, and the two watched as Walt made a "shhh" noise and motioned with his finger. Shannon would be killed seconds later by Ana-Lucia.

Charlie - Fire and Water
The Baptism of Aaron

Charlie began to have dreams about Aaron in danger, and sought out Eko's assistance. Charlie then decided that the baby needed to be baptized, and one night, set fire to the camp to distract them from the kidnapping of Aaron. After he was confronted, Charlie was punched by Locke into the ocean, which resulted in a symbolic "baptism" from a literal "John the Baptist". Claire and Aaron were later baptized by Eko.

Ana-Lucia - Question Mark
Ana-Lucia's Death

While having a dream about building his church, Eko sees a vision of Ana-Lucia inquiring about why he was building a church to which Eko told her he was "just told to". When Ana inquired as to who were was told by, he stated that he was just told to, and that he though it might have been in a dream. Hearing this, Ana replies "a dream like this one?", and appears with a bullet hole in her chest, and blood dripping from her mouth.

Timer - Question Mark
The Pearl Station

Eko has a dream about seeing his brother, Yemi inside of the Swan station, telling him that he needs to help John, and that he needs to make Locke take him to the question mark. As the two set out, under the guise of finding Henry, Eko follows Locke's map and it leads them to the Beechcraft, where they make camp for the night. Locke has a dream, that he is Eko, and climbs the side of the cliff, and then falls to the ground. It is then that Eko climbs the cliff, and spots the question mark salted into the earth, and underneath they find the Pearl station.

Further Instructions - Wipe the stars
Wipe the stars out of your eyes, sweetheart

After the implosion of the Swan, Locke constructs a sweat lodge underneath of church that Eko was building and attempts to speak to the island. What he gets, it a vision from Boone who pushes him through the Sydney Airport in his wheelchair. Locke spots Kate and Sawyer waiting in the security line, and Sawyer says "Wipe the stars out of your eyes, and learn little lady". This line would later be repeated in Every Man for Himself, except "watch and learn little lady" is spoken first before Sawyer explains the plan, and then it is preceded by "wipe the stars out of your eyes, sweetheart."

Flashes - Locke
Locke's Speech

Hurley runs into Desmond after the implosion of the Swan, and informs him that the island vibrated, and that Jack, Kate and Sawyer saw it too right before they had bags placed over their heads. Desmond then informs Hurley that Locke said they would go after them in the speech that he made, a speech which he had yet to make. Later, when Charlie and Locke returned to the camp with Eko, Locke delivered the speech that Desmond had referenced earlier.

Flashes - Lightning
The Lightning Bolt

Desmond confronts Claire in an attempt to get her to move down the beach claiming that there's something wrong with the roof, upon hearing this, Charlie insists that the room is fine, and that if there is a problem he'd fix it. Desmond builds a lightning rod outside of their shelter, which deflects the lightning bolt. It was later revealed in Flashes Before Your Eyes that the lightning bolt was meant to strike Charlie and electrocute him.

Flashes - ClaireDrowning
Charlie Drowning Trying to Save Claire

While in the jungle, Desmond rushes to the beach and dives in to find Claire was drowning. Desmond brings her back to the shore and administers CPR which revives her. Desmond later revealed to Charlie, that it was him who was meant to die after attempting to save Claire.

Flashes - CharlieRocks
Charlie's Death on the Rocks

After Claire comes up with the idea to get the survivors rescued using migratory birds to deliver a message, she attempts to catch a sea gull in order to accomplish this. Desmond makes his way to a rocky point, followed by Claire, and retrieves a sea gull for her. When she inquires as to how he knew exactly where to go, he revealed that Charlie was going to attempt it, but would have fell into the ocean and died. Desmond reveals to Claire exactly what has been going on with his visions.

Flashes - Charlie
Charlie's Death by an Arrow

Desmond has a vision of himself walking through the jungle along with Charlie, Hurley and Jin; and Charlie and Hurley debate who would win in a foot race: Superman or the Flash. When Charlie steps on an trip wire, he is struck in the throat with an arrow and dies. This is coupled with many other flashes which convince Desmond that Penny is going to be coming to the island. Desmond attempts to make everything play out exactly as he saw it, to ensure that she arrives. However, at the last second, Desmond tells Charlie to duck and tackles him to prevent the arrow from hitting him.

Flashes - CharlieDrowning
Charlie Drowning in the Looking Glass

Desmond informs Charlie that he has had a vision of Claire and Aaron being rescued by helicopters, but in order for this event to take place, Charlie must dive down to the Looking Glass, flip a switch to turn off the jamming equipment, which would ultimately result in his drowning. Charlie completes this task with Desmond's assistance, however, he dies when Mikhail detonates a grenade on the outside of the station which floods the room Charlie was in.

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