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The polar bears have been seen on the island and as a skeleton in the Sahara Desert. The bear in the desert had a Dharma Initiative collar on, signifying that this bear, was in fact, a product, or victim, of the DI.

The polar bears have been transported to the island and the Sahara desert by way of some special device. Ben Linus is familiar with this device as he has already been a user of its effects. He was seen in the Iraqi desert wearing a parka-type jacket (the same type that with no nearby conveyance or transport. The locals that found him were quite alarmed to his seemingly sudden presence.

A Hanso Foundation Orientation video shows "Dr. Halliwax" holding a rabbit with a #15 and explaining to the viewers the Casimir Effect "field" to be studied at the Orchid Station. He is interrupted by a sudden event that produces an identical, #15 rabbit on the shelf behind him. He is dismayed by this and warns the room to keep the rabbits away from each other.

Jacob's mouthpiece (Dr. Christian Shephard) tells Locke that they must "move the island." This feat seems impossible or a type of double-speak. Ben then informs the small party that they must head for the Orchid Station.

Key PointsEdit

Ben was in the Tunisian desert in a parka. A parka is a coat typically worn in colder climates similar to those where polar bears are found. Ben appeared here as if he had no transport.

The Parka has a DI emblem on it. Because the DI is only known to be on the Island (and would not require a parka) it can be safely assumed that another DI base or station exists that would require an emblemized parka.

A polar bear was found in the Sahara Desert with a Dharma tag on.

Because the DI seems to have polar bears (a product of the Arctic) and parkas (a tool for the Arctic) it can be assumed that these two things are related.

The DI has already shown a method of replication (two identical rabbits) and peculiar methods of travel (read: teleportation) it can be assumed that The DI is capable of Teleportation and does this or studies this, at the Orchid Station.

The Island-moving mission involves the Orchid, which is an already assumed teleportation lab, which would lend to the fact that the Island may be teleported.

Since no other teleportation seems to take place with a DI logo involved, it can be assumed that teleportation requires the subject to be at the source of the teleporter.

Since Ben appeared in the desert with a parka on, it can be assumed that a teleportation device exists in the Arctic... Hence the appearance of bears in odd places.

Also, it should be noted that the magnetic north pole exhibits peculiar magnetic properties in relation to the rest of the earth. Technically, there is no field directly on the pole.

It should be noted that the bears were brought to the island by the Dharma initiative, and most of the above information is pure speculation.

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