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Name Phil
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Member of DHARMA Initiative security
Episode(s) LaFleur, Namaste, He's Our You, Whatever Happened, Happened, Some Like It Hoth, The Variable, Follow The Leader, The Incident
Played By Patrick Fischler

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Phil was a member of the DHARMA Initiative who worked within the security forces of the organization. Phil was a subordinate to the two respective heads of security, Paul and Jim LaFleur.

In the DHARMA InitiativeEdit

Some time in 1974, after the unexpected arrival of Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Daniel and Jin, Phil was assigned to escort the mysterious strangers to a house within the DHARMA barracks, where they were to remain hidden and quiet while Horace went to discuss matters with the arriving Richard Alpert. Phil turned over the duties to Heather, who was assigned to guard said house. (LaFleur)

Three years later, in 1977, Phil was already stationed as a security officer on the island, and worked out of the security building at the barracks, where he could observe prisoners held in holding cells, and monitor the live feeds from the closed-circuit cameras located throughout the island. After arriving at the security office, he found Jerry and Rosie dancing to music, and reprimanded Jerry for abandoning his security duties. However, with their collective attention turned back to the security monitors, the three noticed Horace detonating dynamite near the Flame station on one of the feeds. Nervous about this increasingly dangerous situation, Phil hesitantly took Jerry to inform LaFleur of the current situation. (LaFleur)

Some time later, when a new crop of DHARMA recruits was set to arrive on the island via the submarine, Phil was appointed the task of escorting the recruits through the welcoming center, and confirming their enrollment on the submarine manifest. However, as he checked the manifest for Kate's name, he grew suspicious when he found she was not listed. Before he could raise any alarm, however, Juliet arrived with a new, albeit forged, list, to confirm Kate's identity. Juliet deceived Phil into believing the list was a revised copy that corrected the errors made in the original. Phil accepted this reasoning, and later led the group of recruits to the group photo session. Later that night, Jack, another falsified recruit, approached Phil to inquire which house LaFleur lived in. Phil directed Jack to the correct house, but cautioned Jack on using Lafleur's proper name of "James" when introducing himself, as LaFleur prefers to be known as "Jim". (Namaste)

After the capture of a suspected hostile, Sayid Jarrah, Phil was stationed at the security building to guard the newfound prisoner. It was during this duty that he was approached by a young Benjamin Linus, who had brought the prisoner a sandwich to eat. Phil was hesitant to allow the prisoner the meal, but eventually relented. Some time later, Phil accompanied Jarrah, along with LaFleur, Horace, and Stuart Radzinsky, to Oldham's tent for further interrogation. It was here that Phil witnessed Oldham apply some form of truth serum, and listened to Jarrah's apparently drug-induced ramblings of the future. After Sayid was returned to his cell in the security building, Phil manned the desk in front of the security feeds while LaFleur questioned the prisoner privately. Phil was later called away from his desk when a fire broke out due to a burning DHARMA van. (He's Our You)

Following Sayid's escape and betrayal of the young Linus, which left the child critically wounded, Phil radioed to fellow security officer Jin, who had been knocked unconscious by the escaping Jarrah. The call served to awaken Jin, who radioed back that the prisoner had attacked him and escaped, and was heading north from his current location. While contemplating the prisoner's method of escape, Phil, along with LaFleur and Horace, examined Sayid's former cell for clues to the method of escape used. (Whatever Happened, Happened)

Due to the lack of medical facilities available at the time, the infirmary at the barracks was unable to treat the young Linus' wounds. Searching for a way to heal the child, Juliet suggested sending the boy to the Others, the island natives, for treatment. As LaFleur and Kate took a jeep to send the boy to the Other camp, Miles was instructed to monitor the security feed of their journey, and erase any tapes that could be used as evidence of their involvement. However, Miles was interrupted by Horace before he could complete the task, and the tape was discovered by Phil. Now fully aware of LaFleur and Kate's involvement in the boy's apparent abduction, Phil went to LaFleur's house out of hopes that the head of security could explain his actions. However, once inside the house, Phil was knocked unconscious by LaFleur with a punch. (Some Like It Hoth)

Phil was restrained and gagged by LaFleur, and placed in a closet hidden from view. LaFleur revealed his captive to Jack in order to convey the severity of the group's situation. However, when Radzinsky and his men came to the security chief's home in order to confer about the recent security breaches, Radzinsky overhead Phil's muffled screams and bangs, which alerted the DHARMA officers to LaFleur and Juliet's indiscretions. (The Variable)

After LaFleur and Juliet were taken prisoner and moved to the security building, Phil, now freed, watched as Horace and Radzinsky began their interrogation of the prisoners. Before Horace could intervene, Radzinsky took control of the questioning, and violently assaulted LaFleur in order to coerce answers out of the former security chief. However, LaFleur remained quiet, which caused Phil to suggest other methods of coercion. Phil then hit Juliet across the face, leading LaFleur to angrily promise to kill Phil. After Juliet and LaFleur had negotiated their freedom on board the submarine in exchange for a map to the Other's territory, Phil apprehended Kate, who was returning to the barracks after rejecting Jack's plan to change the future, and sent her to the submarine for deportation as well. (Follow The Leader)

Some time later, Phil was witness to the shootout at the barracks between Jack and Sayid and DHARMA Initiative members. After Jack and Sayid escaped, Phil deduced that the pair were likely heading to the Swan station, and radioed to Radzinsky at the construction site to warn him. Radzinsky, clearly shaken by the prospects of a shootout at this location, ordered Phil to bring a security team to the Swan site as reinforcements. Upon arrival at the site, Phil ordered his men to create a perimeter of defense along the exterior earthen walls of the site. However, upon spotting Jack behind an alcove of bushes near the site, Phil opened fire on the attacker. Jack returned fire, and was later reinforced by LaFleur, Juliet, Miles and Kate, who also opened fire on the DHARMA officers. LaFleur then caught Phil by surprise, and ordered Phil to lower his weapon and to tell his men to do the same. The ceasefire allowed Jack to complete his mission of dropping the plutonium core of a hydrogen bomb within the Swan drill site. However, for a few moments it appeared that the bomb had not gone off, and that Jack's plan had no effect. A few seconds later, however, a large rumbling sound emitted from the core of the drill site, and a large magnetic pull began to radiate from the cavern. As every metal object in the area began to be pulled into the chasm, Phil used this distraction to retrieve a rifle and point it at LaFleur. Before he could pull the trigger, Phil was knocked over and pinned to the ground by falling metal scaffolding. Several metal pipes then shot towards the ground near the magnetic center, and drove into the dirt. One of these pipes impaled Phil through the chest, killing him instantly. (The Incident)

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