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Peter Thompson
Name Peter Thompson
Gender Male
Country Terre Haute, Indiana
Occupation Vice President of the Hanso Foundation
Appears In The Lost Experience

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Born in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1959, Peter Thompson earned degrees from Loyola University and The University of Chicago Law School before embarking on a successful career as a corporate attorney - until a lifetime of smoking left Thompson with an impossible prognosis: inoperable lung and pancreatic cancer.

Thompson's search for a cure landed him at the Alvar Hanso Cancer Center in Geneva, Switzerland. Following a miraculous recovery, Thompson offered his expertise to Alvar Hanso, eventually becoming Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary of The Hanso Foundation.

A direct beneficiary of Alvar Hanso's vision, Thompson works tirelessly to protect the Hanso Foundation's humanitarian efforts - his sweeping future for all.

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