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The information in this article was revealed through
The LOST Experience
Persephone Hacks
  May 3rdMay 8thMay 9thMay 17thMay 19thMay 24thMay 30thJune 1stJune 7thJune 12thJune 13thJune 16th

Part of the Lost Experience, phase one consisted of Rachel Blake, under the hacker alias "Persephone", hacking the Hanso Foundation website, and revealing secrets and corruption within the Foundation in relation to projects and the companies' personnel.

The first hack occurred on May 3, 2006 and was direct related to the Hanso Phone Line which Persephone had also hacked and added her own message telling people to visit the website and use the password provided. The site was finally shut down on June 16, 2006 claiming it was due to "malicious infiltrators" and states it will be reopened when legal arrangements are made.

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