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Peanut Butter
Name Peanut Butter
Introduced In Confidence Man
Owned By Claire and Charlie

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When the camp becomes divided between those living at the beach camp and those moving to the caves, Charlie attempts to convince Claire to move, however, she states that she doesn't want to move as she like the beach. She agrees to move on the condition that Charlie finds her some peanut butter. Charlie ventures off in search of peanut butter, however, does not succeed. Charlie then decides to present Claire with an empty jar claiming that it was "filled to the brim" with peanut butter. Claire then decides to move to the Caves.

After the hatch was opened and the survivors ventured into the Swan Station they discovered a pantry full of food. When Hurley is put in charge of inventorying the food, Charlie inquires as to whether or not he can have a jar of peanut butter to give to Claire. When Hurley refuses he has an epiphany about his past, and decides to divvy the food up to the survivors. He presents Charlie with the jar of peanut butter, who later gives it to Claire.

When Hurley is being plagues by visions of Dave, he plans to venture off to the caves to be alone, and brings a giant container of peanut butter with him. The container later falls from his bag and smashes on a rock, he then grabs a leaf and wipes some of the peanut butter up and begins to eat it.

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