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Name Paul
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation DHARMA Initiative Head of Security
Family Wife - Amy
Episode(s) LaFleur

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Paul was a member of the DHARMA Initiative during 1974, and was stationed as the group's head of security. While on the island, Paul was also involved in a romantic relationship with Amy, and the two were married. However, during a picnic with Amy in a clearing on the island, the two were ambushed by a pair of Others, and Paul was killed during the struggle. As Amy was being dragged off by the attackers, Sawyer and Juliet came to her aid, and killed the two assailants. While the rescuers attempted to persuade Amy to leave the area, she insisted that Paul be brought back to the DHARMA barracks, and the bodies of the Others buried.

Later that day, Richard Alpert came to the DHARMA camp to confront them for the death of the two Others, and the fact that the truce between DHARMA and the island natives was apparently broken. Sawyer went to speak with Richard, and informed him that, as he had killed the two men, the DHARMA Initiative was blameless, as he was not a member. Richard accepted that the truce was still intact, but demanded that Paul's body be turned over to the Others in order for justice to be served. Despite the morbid idea of the agreement, Amy agreed to allow Paul's body be turned over to the Others, but went to his body to remove an ankh necklace around his neck for a memento of their relationship. (LaFleur)

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