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Paik Heavy Industries
Paik Automotive
Name Paik Heavy Industries
Country Seoul, South Korea
Introduced In ...In Translation
Type Automobile Manufacturer

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Paik Heavy Industries was an automobile manufacturer in Seoul, South Korea that was owned by Mr. Paik.

Jin and PaikEdit

After asking for Mr. Paik's daughter's hand in marriage, Jin agreed to work for Mr. Paik at the factory as a floor manager. This position would not last, however, as Sun needed to borrow $100,000 to spare Jin the shame of finding out his mother was a prostitute. Mr. Paik stated that Jin would pay back the debt by working directly for him. (D.O.C.)

When an incident at one of Mr. Paik’s factory occurs, Jin takes full responsibility expecting to be punished; instead he is promoted and made Mr. Paik’s “special assistant”. His first assignment was to deliver a message to The Secretary for Environmental Safety that Mr. Paik was displeased. Jin believed the message to be purely verbal and delivered the message accordingly. When Jin arrived to deliver the message, Byung Han was frightened expecting to receive a beating, Jin explained to Byung that Mr. Paik was displeased, and that was the message. Overjoyed, Byung presented Jin a gift; his daughter’s valuable championship breed Shar-Pei puppy. Jin presented the dog to Sun to serve as company for her as he was often working such long hours. (...In Translation)

Outraged that Jin did not deliver the message he wanted to, Mr. Paik ordered Jin to drive his associate to Byung Han’s house to properly deliver a message. When Jin arrives to the house, he takes initiative and enters first. He delivers a savage beating to Mr. Han in front of his wife and daughter. (...In Translation)

Mr. Paik assigns Jin another mission in which he has to kill Jae Lee, the son of one of Mr. Paik's business associates. Although Jin is not told why he must kill Jae, it is because Mr. Paik discovered that he and Sun were having an affair. Jin refuses the mission, but Mr. Paik flatters him by calling him his son. A torn Jin ultimately decides to go through with it so he can continue to be married to Sun. Jin ambushes Jae outside of his hotel room, violently beating him. Once again, however, Jin finds himself unable to kill. He instead tells Jae to leave the country and never return. As Jin gets back into his car, Jae's body crashes into the car from above - an apparent suicide, possibly due to his shame for sleeping with Sun and not being able to have her. (The Glass Ballerina)

Jin travels to Sydney to deliver a watch to one of Mr. Paik’s associates, and when he plans to deliver a watch to his associate in Los Angeles, Jin plans to escape from Mr. Paik’s control. However, while at the airport Jin rushes to the restroom after spilling coffee on his shirt, and is met by one of Mr. Paik’s business associates who informs his that he must deliver Mr. Paik’s watches to his associates or else he would lose Sun. (Exodus - Part 2)

Thomas MittelwerkEdit

Paik Heavy Industries was featured in The Lost Experience as they were responsible for a joint venture with the Hanso Foundation in the construction of the "Helgus Antonius", which was a freighter that was of great value to Dr. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk. (The Lost Experience)


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