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Other #1
Name Other #1
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Member of the Others
Episode(s) LaFleur
Played By John Skinner

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Other #1 was a member of the Others, the island's native inhabitants, during the 1970's. Some time in 1974, he and another member of the Others ambushed Paul and Amy, two members of the DHARMA Initiative, while the couple were on a picnic. The two Others murdered Paul, and Other #1 attempted to abduct Amy by pulling a burlap sack over her head. However, Amy's cries for help alerted nearby Sawyer, Juliet, Daniel, Miles and Jin, who rushed to the scene. Sawyer aimed his weapon at the second hostile and ordered him to lower his weapon. When the second hostile motioned aggressively at Sawyer, Juliet shot and killed him. Other #1, in response to this, began to reach for his weapon, but was shot and killed by Sawyer before he could. Following the two Others deaths, Amy insisted that their bodies be buried, out of fear that the truce between DHARMA and the Others would be broken if the two dead Others were discovered. However, the Others did eventually discover the missing bodies, which led to Richard Alpert arriving at the DHARMA barracks to confront Horace about his missing comrades. (LaFleur)

Because she is an other she's kind of a bitch. No one really likes her.

She has no ears.

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