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Name Oscar
Gender Male
Country Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Environmentalist
Novel(s) Endangered Species

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Oscar was protesting Dr. Luis Arreglo and the hated Q-Corp., when he met a young girl named Faith Harrington who shared all of the same passion as he did. Oscar was a member of a group of environmentalists who tried to save the world by any means necessary. When Oscar informed Faith that they would be going to Australia, Faith jumped at the idea, even if it meant having to endure the pain of protesting her former mentor, Dr. Arreglo. Oscar and Faith left for Sydney along with Rune, Mo, and Z-Man and headed to Sydney to protest the Q-Corp.

When Faith was invited to meet Dr. Arreglo in his hotel room in Sydney, Oscar insisted on tagging along to meet with him personally. Oscar and Faith met with a woman named Tammy who Faith helped drain snakes of their venom. Oscar used this venom and placed it into a syringe, which he placed into Faith's jacket pocket as he was confident she would not be searched. Sure enough, when they arrived, the security guard searched Oscar's person, but left Faith well enough alone. When the two arrived with Dr. Arreglo, Oscar plunged the syringe deep into his chest and released the venom into his system, murdering him.

Faith struck Oscar from behind, and called 911 to inform them of his injury. She left him unconscious in the hotel room, and headed to the airport to head back to the United States.

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