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A list of characters which appear in on-island flashbacks, organized by episode. Please note that some characters may have appeared both in a flashbacks that were off-island as well, please see Flashback Characters to see a list of characters involved in Off-Island flashbacks. Characters appearing in italics are the character(s) for which that episode is centric to.


Walkabout - Locke
John Locke

Locke awakens on the beach with a large visible cut on his right eye. Miraculously, Locke is able to walk again after having been paralyzed for the four years of his life previous to the crash. As he stands up, he is called over by Jack to assist in the rescue of another passenger.

Walkabout - Jack
Jack Shephard

Immediately after the crash, Jack calls out to Locke for help is aiding a fellow passenger.

The Other 48 DaysEdit

Ana Lucia
Ana-Lucia Cortez

Ana becomes highly suspicious of Nathan, noting that she had not seen him on the plane, and wondering about his long absences from camp. By the time they set up a new camp in the jungle, complete with a pit they dug as a jail cell, Ana accuses Nathan of being in league with those who abducted the other survivors (the Others), and places him into the pit.

The Other 48 Days - Libby

Libby was a tail section passenger on Oceanic Airlines Flight 815. Immediately following the crash, she sets the broken leg of another survivor, Donald, who dies a few days later. After twelve fellow tail-section survivors are abducted by the "Others", Libby is one of the five remaining when Jin, Sawyer and Michael encounter them.

The Other 48 Days - Eko
Eko Tunde

When the tail-section survivors are attacked by The Others during that first night, he is among those targeted. Unlike three of their other targets, however, Eko fights back against his attackers and wins, killing two of them. Disturbed and saddened by his actions, even though they were done in self-defense, Eko remains silent for the next 40 days.

The Other 48 Days - Bernard
Bernard Nadler

Bernard found himself among the few remaining. When working with a recently discovered radio, Bernard heard a man's voice come through, saying he was one of the survivors from Flight 815. Bernard replied that his group were the survivors, but the transmission ended when Ana-Lucia turned off the radio, believing it to be a trick by the Others.

The Other 48 Days - Cindy
Cindy Chandler

When the camp becomes restless after three of their group go missing, Ana-Lucia questions the use of the signal fire when they have satellites and the black box to aid the rescue teams. Cindy interjects and informs the group that the pilot informed her that before the crash they lost communications and they were heading back, and that the rescue teams do not know where to look.

Goodwin 2
Goodwin Stanhope

Ten minutes after the crash, Goodwin appeared on the beach and shouted for help claiming there was a survivor alive in the jungle and that he needed assistance. He was joined by Ana-Lucia and the two proceeded to find a man named Bernard still strapped into his seat, perched up top in the trees.


Ana would frequently interrogate Nathan, and when she asked him why he was in Australia he informed her that he was on a company retreat and that he remained a few extra days to sightsee. When he mentions that he doesn’t remember seeing Ana-Lucia on the plane, Ana simply replied that the reason was because he wasn’t on it.


Emma was aboard Oceanic Flight 815 traveling to Los Angeles, CA to see her mother. When the tail-section crashed into the water she was pulled out by Mr. Eko, and brought back to consciousness after Ana-Lucia administered CPR.


Zack lived with the tail-section's survivors until Day 12 when he was abducted by The Others. His name and description was on a list of other survivors found in the pocket of the woman Ana-Lucia killed defending herself.


Donald was tended to by Libby who told him about her experiences skiing in Vermont before she set his leg. Libby told Ana-Lucia that he was worried about Donald because his leg was worse and it was infected as well. He died on Day 5, succumbing to his injuries, and was buried with other passengers who did not survive.

Man on Beach
Man on Beach

This man was one of the tail-section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. After the crash, he frantically screamed out to see if anyone had seen his wife, Pam. It is most likely that he was one of the four people who died before Day 5.

  • Unknown Portrayer

Nancy a tail-section survivor of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. She was one of the first people that Mr. Eko pulled from the water. She was abducted by the The Others on Day 12. Her name and description was on a list found in the pocket of the woman who tackled Ana-Lucia.

The Other 48 Days - Jin
Jin-Soo Kwon

Jin is discovered along withb a piece of the raft on the shoreline by Cindy and Libby. When he was brought back to the camp, Eko attempted to interrogate him, however, the language barrier could not be broken. Eko then suggested that he did not believe that he was one of "them".

The Other 48 Days - Michael
Michael Dawson

Michael, Jin, and Sawyer are put in a pit that the tail-section survivors originally created for Nathan. These captors eventually reveal that they are survivors of the tail section of the plane, and decide to travel across the island to join up with Michael's group.

The Other 48 Days - Sawyer
James "Sawyer" Ford

After Sawyer is kidnapped by the Tailies and imprisoned, he is eventually released after it is known that they were all survivors of the crash. Sawyer passes out due to the infection he sustained from his gunshot wound.

The Other 48 Days - Sayid
Sayid Jarrah

After Shannon is shot by Ana-Lucia, Sayid holds her lifeless body in his arms.

The Other 48 Days - Shannon
Shannon Rutherford

While running through the jungle, Ana becomes distracted by the whispers that she hears, and shoots Shannon as she emerges from the jungle.

Maternity LeaveEdit

Maternity Leave - Claire
Claire Littleton

Claire is taken to the Staff medical station, where she is given medication for the baby. She is often in a drugged state of mind. Ethan tells her that they are going to take the baby and return Claire to camp. She begins to trust Ethan with the decision to keep the baby. Ethan shows her the room where the baby will sleep once born, which contains various baby furniture.

Maternity Leave - Ethan
Ethan Rom

Claire was administered a series of injections which Ethan claimed were vaccines designed to prevent the baby from getting sick. Ethan presented Claire with a baby room filled with toys and a crib which he said was where her baby was going to stay after it was born. Ethan states that they're "good people", and they're a "good family", and that nobody is going to take her baby from her, unless she wants them to.

Maternity Leave - Tom

Tom is seen looking more clean-cut and without his beard, briefly talking to Ethan Rom in Claire's flashback. Later, Kate finds theatrical glue and a false beard that Tom had worn in the locker room at The Staff Station.

Maternity Leave - Danielle
Danielle Rousseau

Claire remembers that after she escaped from the station when she was pregnant, Danielle helped her get back to her camp. However, Claire wanted to get back to the Others, and scratched Danielle's arm to get away, it was then that Danielle knocked Claire out with the butt of her rifle.

Maternity Leave - Alex
Alexandra Rousseau

Alex aided Claire in her escape from "The Staff", one of the DHARMA Initiative stations, by explaining to her that they were going to cut the baby out of her, and that one day she'd thank her. Alex chloroformed Claire and dragged her outside of the station.

Three MinutesEdit

Three Minutes - Michael
Michael Dawson

Michael knocks out Locke, traps him and Jack in a closet, and sets out to find the Others. While on his trek, he is kidnapped by Tom and his followers. Michael is brought to a shoreline campsite and introduced to Ms. Klugh who interrogates him for a week, finally granting him three minutes with Walt, and an ultimatum about brining four of his campmembers back with him.

Three Minutes - Tom 2

Jack, Locke, and Sawyer later encounter Tom while searching for Michael. He tells them that Walt is fine, but scolds the group for being curious and "opening doors that shouldn't be opened." He also says that Michael will not find Walt or "the Others", "where he is" (unbeknownst to Jack and his friends, Tom has already captured Michael and has him bound and gagged in a nearby clearing).

Three Minutes - Alex
Alexandra Rousseau

Alex refused to escort the kidnapped Kate to Tom, instead passing the duty over to Pickett, thus making her true allegiance questionable. Alex later informed Mr. Klugh that they had arrived when they reached the shoreline camp.

Danny Pickett

When Michael was brought to the Others Camp, Pickett drew blood from Michael's arm. He would not see Michael again for days later when he was instructed by Ms. Klugh to bring Walt into the tent to see Michael for three minutes.

Ms Klugh
Bea Klugh

Ms. Klugh asks Michael several questions about Walt, such as "Are you his biological father?", "When did he start talking?", "Did he have any illnesses?" and most notably, "Did he ever appear anywhere he wasn't supposed to be?" Michael eventually demands to see Walt, and she agrees to let them see each other for three minutes. When Walt begins to say "they're not who they say they are" and "they're pretending..."

Three Minutes - Walt
Walt Lloyd

Walt enters in the grip of Pickett, looking relatively healthy - he inquires about Vincent's health and tells Michael that The Others have been making him "take tests" and they are "pretending." Ms. Klugh becomes agitated that the conversation is moving in this direction and tells him to leave. Walt breaks free, hugs his father, and tells him repeatedly that he loves him before being carried out.

Three Minutes - Jack
Jack Shephard

While in the jungle searching for Michael, Jack, Locke, and Sawyer encounter Tom and the Others, and eventually surrender their weapons in order to secure Kate's freedom, unbeknownst to them, that Michael is in a clearing several feet away.

Three Minutes - Sawyer
James "Sawyer" Ford

When the Others confront the hunting party, Sawyer is shot again, but only grazed in the face by a bullet. The leader of the Others, whom Sawyer nicknames "Zeke," threatens Kate; Sawyer is obviously shaken and angered at the possibility of losing her, and surrenders his weapon.

Three Minutes - Locke
John Locke

Locke was knocked unconscious by Michael, who locked him in the armory with Jack. Locke and Jack were freed shortly thereafter by Sawyer and Kate, and the four went in search of Michael (although the men did not originally know that Kate has followed them). During the search, they were confronted by Tom and the "others" and were forced to surrender their guns and return to their camp without Michael.

Three Minutes - Kate
Kate Austen

After Sawyer, Jack, and Locke decide to go after Michael, Kate demands to go with them. Jack denies her request, but she disobeys his request by following them anyway. Soon after she is captured by "The Others" and is exchanged for the trio's guns and promise to return to their camp.

Live Together, Die AloneEdit

Live Together, Die Alone - Desmond Hume
Desmond Hume

Kelvin trains Desmond about operation of the hatch, including the button and ways to trigger a lockdown. He witnesses Kelvin painting a black light picture on the blast doors. Desmond confronts Kelvin after learning that Kelvin is fixing Desmond's boat and planning to leave the island. After Kelvin expresses his doubts about the validity of the button, they struggle, and Kelvin dies. Desmond races back to the hatch, where the computer is registering a system failure.

Live Together, Die Alone - Kelvin
Kelvin Inman

Kelvin and Desmond would often fake lockdowns inside the hatch, in order for Kelvin to finish the invisible map on the blast door. When Desmond asked if he could go outside, Kelvin refused his request and "ordered" him to stay there and push the button. When Desmond confronted Kelvin on this, the two began to engage in a physical confrontation. This ended when Kelvin's head made contact with the rocks behind him and it appeared as though he died.

Live Together, Die Alone - John Locke
John Locke

After some time, Desmond has lost hope and is contemplating suicide. He finds a note that Penny has hidden in his book telling him not to despair. He then hears someone shouting from the top of the hatch. Unbeknownst to Desmond, it is Locke asking for help. When Desmond turns on a light to see who it is, Locke, thinking his prayers have been answered, quiets down.

A Tale of Two CitiesEdit

A Tale of Two Cities - Juliet
Juliet Burke

On the day of the crash she baked muffins, in preparation for her book club meeting, at her home in the Others' village, but she burned them, as well as her hand. During the book club meeting discussion of "Carrie", Juliet's favorite book, which Adam seemed to think inferior. the island Oceanic Flight 815 crashed, which she and the other Others witnessed as it broke up in the air above them and the pieces fall toward different parts of the island.

A Tale of Two Cities - Ben
Benjamin Linus

Ben instructs Goodwin and Ethan to infiltrate the camps fo the survivors and to return with lists in three days. Ben then informs Juliet that he is out of the book club.

A Tale of Two Cities - Ethan
Ethan Rom

Ethan was working on Juliet's plumbing when Oceanic Flight 815 crashed onto the island. He was almost immediately directed by Ben to head to what turned out to be the Fuselage survivors' camp and to pretend to be one of the survivors by blending in with the group.

A Tale of Two Cities - Goodwin
Goodwin Stanhope

When Oceanic Flight 815 crashed onto the island, he was instructed by Ben to head to the shore and blend in as one of the survivors.


When arriving at the book club meeting, she jokingly chastised Ethan for having yet to complete the plumbing job he was working on. During the meeting, she took pleasure in Juliet's argumentative comments towards Adam. She was also present to witness Oceanic Flight 815 crash onto the island.


Adam, along with Amelia was one of the several people attending the book club meeting at Juliet's house when Oceanic Flight 815 crashed. He expressed an extreme distaste for Juliet's choice of book, Stephen King's Carrie. He went on to suggest that the choice of book was the reason Ben was absent from the meeting.


Expose - Nikki
Nikki Fernandez

Nikki was one of the many survivors of Flight 815 that were in the Fuselage section of the plane. In the immediate aftermath of the crash, she was was dazed and confused. As she attempted to find Paulo, she ran into Boone, who asked her for a pen and Dr. Arzt, whom she accidentally mistook for Paulo, and witnessed Gary Troup being sucked into one of the engines, causing it to explode.

Expose - Paulo

Paulo and Nikki frequently searched for the bag containing the diamonds. On the sixth night on the island while they were having an argument over their lack of success at finding the bag, they were approached by Ethan, who offered to share some extra clothes with them if they had lost their luggage.

Expose - Shannon
Shannon Rutherford

Immediately after the crash, Shannon can be seen on the beach screaming for Boone. Shannon later confronts Kate about the guns that had been found at the waterfall, along with Dr. Arzt.

Expose - Boone
Boone Carlyle

Boone attempted to perform CPR on Rose after the crash, and approached Nikki after the crash and inquired as to whether she had a pen. Boone is later revealed to be the survivor who had taken the remaining water.

Expose - Leslie Arzt
Leslie Arzt

When Nikki approached Arzt for some information on trajectories to help her locate her missing luggage, Arzt showed her the "Medusa Spider", which possesses highly paralytic capabilities, as well as a very strong pheromone.

Expose - Kate
Kate Austen

Kate is questioned by Shannon and Arzt as to why the camp wasn't notified when the case full of guns was found. Intrigued about finding a new location to search for their luggage, Nikki inquired as to where it was found and was informed about the waterfalls.

Expose - Locke
John Locke

Locke approached Paulo and questioned him as to what he was doing when he noticed he was digging a hole. Locke stated that nothing on the island stayed buried for long.

Expose - Jack
Jack Shephard

Jack speaks with the group and delivers his speech urging the survivors to live together, and that he had found a source of fresh water in the valley.

Expose - Claire
Claire Littleton

Claire is seen being helped by Jack after the crash, and is protected by him after the engine of the plane explodes.

Expose - Rose
Rose Henderson

Rose has CPR performed on her by Boone on the beach after the crash.

Expose - Sawyer
James "Sawyer" Ford

Sawyer is approached on the beach by Nikki, who requests a gun from him. When he refuses, she becomes upset with him, and Sawyer isn't even sure exactly who she is.

Expose - Ben
Benjamin Linus

Ben and Juliet enter the Pearl station, where they watch Jack from one of the monitors. He tells Juliet that he plans to kidnap him, to which she asks how he will achieve this. He explains that he already has Michael in captivity, and that he will get Jack to perform surgery on him by using his methods of persuasion.

Expose - Juliet
Juliet Burke

Juliet accompanied Ben to the Pearl Station, where they used the monitors to look in on Jack in the Swan Station. On their way in, they noted that the doors were open, and Ben decided to have Tom cover the hatch with the plane, unaware that the station had been discovered by Nikki and Paulo, the latter of which was in the station and listening to their conversation.

Expose - Desmond
Desmond Hume

While Sawyer is arguing with Nikki, Desmond is trading water with Jerome and overhears the entire conversation.

Expose - Ethan Rom
Ethan Rom

On the night that Boone took the remaining water from the survivors in order to help Claire, Ethan spoke with Nikki and Paulo about getting them some clothes, however, they were more interested in obtaining their lost luggage. Ethan suggested that the two of them search inland into the jungle to find their missing luggage.

Expose - Charlie
Charlie Pace

Charlie was present for the confrontation with Boone when it was revealed that he stole the water. Charlie was also present for Jack's speech about living together.

Expose - Hurley
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

Hurley was also present for the reveal that Boone had stolen the water, and about the source of fresh water.

Expose - Jerome

Jerome was seen trading water with Desmond behind Nikki and Sawyer when they were arguing.

Expose - Jin
Jin-Soo Kwon

Jin is seen scouring the crash site for his wife Sun, and is later seen at the gathering for Jack's speech.

Expose - Sayid
Sayid Jarrah

Sayid joins his fellow survivors for Jack's speech about the source of fresh water in the valley.

Expose - Sun
Sun-Hwa Kwon

Sun appears alongside Jin for Jack's speech to the their fellow survivors.

Expose - Gary Troup
Gary Troup

Gary Troup is seen at teh crash site being warned by John to avoid being near the engine, and is then sucked inward, detonationg the engine.

Expose - Tourniquet Man
Tourniquet Man

The Tourniquet Man is seen being helped by Locke and a fellow survivor, immediately before Gary Troup is sucked into the engine.

One of UsEdit

One of Us - Juliet
Juliet Burke

Juliet was still unable to find a cure for the problem, losing a total of nine patients. She also formed a romantic relationship with Goodwin and lived in a house next door to Luke. Eventually, Ben came to her complaining of back pains. She took some x-rays to see if it was a fracture or a herniated disc. On September 21, 2004, Karl brought the developed x-rays to her, which revealed that Ben had a tumor on his spine.

One of Us - Ben
Benjamin Linus

Benjamin welcomes Juliet as a new addition to the Others, recruited in an attempt to solve the island's fertility problem. However, as the weeks passed Juliet lost hope and faith in her work and told Ben that she could no longer continue. Ben tells Juliet that her sister's cancer had returned and that Jacob would cure her.

One of Us - Goodwin
Goodwin Stanhope

Goodwin assisted in the operation of Sabine, when she began to exhibit symptoms that every single pregnant woman on the island did. When the operation was unsuccessful, Goodwin comforted Juliet, and told her to head out, and that he would take care of the rest. The day that Juliet discovered that Ben had a tumour on his spine, Goodwin and Juliet had engaged in sexual intercourse in Juliet's house.

One of Us - Ethan
Ethan Rom

Ethan freed Juliet from the straps that constrained her during her trip in the submarine to the island. Ethan informed her that her voice would return in time, and showed her the ladder of the submarine, that would take her to the island.

One of Us - Mikhail
Mikhail Bakunin

Right after the crash, Ben shows Juliet a monitor with her sister and her son playing with each other. Also, when Ben asks for a detailed report on the survivors, Mikhail states he 'is already on it'.

  • Unknown Portrayer

Sabine was a member of the Others, who became pregnant even though she knew she was taking a risk, due to the fact that every pregnant woman on the island had died. She was no exception, when she died on the operating table in the Staff Station after Ethan and Juliet attempted to save her.

One of Us - Luke

Luke was cleaning the grill at the house next door to Juliet's and he said "good morning" to her while she was on her way to inform Ben that he had a tumor.

One of Us - Adam

Adam was one of the several people attending the book club meeting at Juliet's house when Oceanic Flight 815 crashed.

One of Us - Amelia

Amelia was present for the book club at Juliet's house, and was then a witness to the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

The BrigEdit

The Brig - Locke
John Locke

Locke is approached by Richard, who explains that Ben planned on embarrassing him in front of everyone, and suggests that Sawyer is a more likely candidate to kill Cooper, showing him his file. The next day, Locke wakes to find that the Others have taken down their tents and are moving on, leaving behind him and Cooper. Ben tells him that he can only rejoin them when his father is killed.

The Brig - Ben
Benjamin Linus

Ben tells Locke that the camp are moving on, leaving behind him and Cooper. Ben explains that Locke can only rejoin them when he brings to them Cooper's dead body, and that they will leave behind a trail suitable for him to follow. He then heads off, leaving Locke alone to contemplate what he will do.

The Brig - Anthony Cooper
Anthony Cooper

Ben tries to force Locke to kill his father by issuing him an ultimatum - unless Locke can kill his father, he is not ready to understand the secrets of the island. Locke is unable to, though is then secretly passed a file of information on Sawyer by Richard Alpert, from which Locke realizes that Cooper is the man who conned Sawyer's mother, which led to the murder-suicide that left Sawyer an orphan.

The Brig - Cindy
Cindy Chandler

Cindy was helped by Locke in setting up her shelter. Cindy then revealed that many among the camp were excited that he was there.

The Brig - Richard
Richard Alpert

Alpert claims that Ben is jealous of Locke because of Locke's recovery from paralysis and questions Ben's leadership, saying that Ben is wasting time with his work on pregnant women and that Locke's healing is an example of other, more important reasons they are working on the island.

The Brig - Tom

Tom was standing guard with Anthony Cooper after he was captured. When the Others vacate the Barracks, they setup camp in a remote location in an open field. While there, Tom approaches Locke to inform him that Ben is requesting to see him. Tom later sets off with the rest of the Others after they disassemble their camp, and leave Locke and Anthony behind.

The Brig - Zack

Zack, Emma and Cindy later setup camp with the rest of the Others, and retreated back across the island the morning after Locke was unable to murder his father.

The Brig - Emma

Emma, Zack and Cindy later setup camp with the rest of the Others, and retreated back across the island morning after Locke was unable to murder his father.

The Man Behind the CurtainEdit

Benjamin Linus

In his early years on the island, his father worked as a janitor, or a "Work Man" for the DHARMA Initiative, a job he acquired from a man named Horace Goodspeed, a passerby who found and helped Roger and Emily soon after Ben's birth. Ben was very introverted, and not only had to deal with his father's frustration in his lowly position, but also with his father's disdain towards him, blaming Ben for the death of Emily.

The Man Behind the Curtain - Richard
Richard Alpert

It is revealed in a flashback that he was first encountered on the outskirts of the DHARMA community by a young Ben, who pleads with Richard to take him with him, as he hates life among the Initiative. Oddly he does not seem any younger; the only noticeable differences in his general appearance is that he is unshaven, and has hair down to his shoulders.

Roger Linus
Roger Linus

After having trouble finding work, Horace offered Roger a position with the DHARMA Initiative working as a "Work Man" or janitor on the island. While he deeply resented the position, Roger stuck with it for many years. Roger blamed his son for the death of his wife, and constantly forgot his son's birthday.

Horace Goodspeed
Horace Goodspeed

Horace offered Roger a position with the Initiative, where he would work as a "Work Man" or janitor. While there, Roger became furious at Horace for there being a conflict with the islands "Hostiles" and for him nearly being killed.

Olivia Goodspeed

While in class one day, Olivia taught the children about volcanoes, when suddenly the Barracks were rocked by an explosion which was a result of a conflict with the "Hostiles" of the island.


Annie was a fellow classmate of Ben's and while in class one day, the Barracks were suddenly shook by an explosion, and Olivia, the class teacher, instructed the students to get into their positions, as she loaded a rifle, and locked the doors.


Casey was a gemologist for the DHARMA Initiative and welcomed Roger and Benjamin Linus on their first day to the island with a Namaste greeting.

  • Unknown Portrayer

June was a technician for the DHARMA Initiative and welcomed Roger and Benjamin Linus on their first day to the island with a Namaste greeting.

  • Unknown Portrayer

Mike was a technician employed by the DHARMA Initiative who was present at the dock when Roger and Benjamin Linus arrived on the island.


Opal was a nurse for the DHARMA Initiative who assigned Roger Linus the position of "Work Man". Roger was immediately outraged that instead of changing the world, he would be cleaning up after those who do so. Opal stated that if anything else opened up, he could feel free to apply for it.

Greatest HitsEdit

Greatest Hits - Charlie
Charlie Pace

Charlie's greatest "hit" of his life was the night of the crash when he met Claire on the beach. Charlie approached her and insisted that she take his blanket. As the two chatted, and eventually introduced each other, a friendship was formed.

Greatest Hits - Claire
Claire Littleton

Charlie spotted Claire sitting near a piece of wreckage and approached her and offered the blanket he was carrying, insisting that she take it. Charlie comforted Claire by assuring her that things would be all right, stating that they were on a beautiful island, and that they'd sleep under the stars and before they knew it the helicopters would come and take them all home.

Greatest Hits - Ben
Benjamin Linus

Ben arrives back at the Others' camp, returns the gun to Alex and orders an Other, Ryan, to head to the survivor's camp and kidnap their pregnant women that night, instead of tomorrow. He says that if Juliet hasn't had a chance to determine which women are pregnant, that Ryan should take them all and sort them out later, and that he should kill anyone who opposes them.

Greatest Hits - Alex
Alexandra Rousseau

Ben arrives back to the camp without Locke, and when Alex asks where he was, Ben returns Alex's gun. Alex locates Karl in the jungle, who is living separately from the other Others. She tells Karl about Ben's change of plans and insists that Karl warn the survivors of their early arrival.

Greatest Hits - Richard
Richard Alpert

After Ben arrives back at the camp, Richard's discontent for him grows, as he questions Ben's motives in moving the attack forward a night.

Greatest Hits - Ryan
Ryan Pryce

When Ben decided to speed up the operation to kidnap the pregnant women from the survivors camp, Ben placed Pryce in charge asking how soon he could be ready. Pryce replied by saying he would go along with a team of his ten best men. Ben later instructed to abduct every women, and they would sort of the pregnant ones later.

Greatest Hits - Karl

It is revealed that after leaving Kate and Sawyer, Karl had been living in the jungle, near the Others' camp. Alex tells Karl that Ben has changed his plans, and intends to kidnap the survivors' women and kill any men who interfere. Alex tells Karl to warn the survivors, which Karl does.


When Ben arrives back to the camp and confronts Ryan, Luke was busy playing a game of chess with Ryan.

The Other WomanEdit

The Other Woman - Juliet Burke
Juliet Burke

Juliet is welcomed into the Other's society on the island, and grows close to Goodwin. While attending therapy sessions with Goodwin's wife, Harper, it is revealed that she is aware of their affair.

The Other Woman - Goodwin Stanhope
Goodwin Stanhope

Goodwin meets Juliet after attempting to get treatment for a chemical burn he sustained as part of his duties at the Tempest Station. The two grow closer, and the two begin a romantic affair. Goodwin is sent by Ben to live with the Tail Section survivors, and is in turn sent to his death.

Harper Stanhope
Harper Stanhope

Harper was a therapist for the Others, who was married to Goodwin, and met with Juliet for therapy sessions after she arrived on the Island. After a while, Harper discovered that Juliet and Goodwin had been having an affair together. Harper warned Juliet that if Ben had discovered their affair, it may prove dangerous to Goodwin's safety.

The Other Woman - Benjamin Linus
Benjamin Linus

Ben grows jealous of Juliet's relationship with Goodwin, and becomes determined to end it, by sending Goodwin to the Tail Section survivors, and in turn, to his death. Ben's motivation for doing so was because he believes that Juliet is "his".

The Other Woman - Tom

Tom interrupts the therapy session between Harper and Juliet, and brings Juliet to her new home. Tom reveals that Harper has made him cry about his father in the past.

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