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Many characters have either been killed by another, or by pure accident. These deaths have occurred prior to the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, as well as after.

Prior to the CrashEdit

Roger Linus

When his son had reached adulthood, Roger had still not managed to remember his son's birthday, but offered to make it up to Ben by spending some quality father-son time together. After driving to a secluded location, Benjamin explained that he missed his mother just as much as Roger did, and stated that for his entire life he's had to put up with Roger, which required a lot of patience. Benjamin then placed a gas mask on, and released a canister of a toxic gas into the van, killing Roger.

Horace Goodspeed

Horace was killed when the Hostiles purged the Barracks with a toxic gas with the help of Benjamin Linus, Horace died while sitting on a bench. Ben closed Horace's eyes in a sign of respect.

Various Members of the DHARMA Initiative

After the purge by the Hostiles, almost all of the members of the DHARMA Initiative were killed by the poisonous gas that was released in the Barracks.

Drug Smuggler -1

While flying over the South Pacific, Goldie’s plane began to malfunction and descended towards an island. Goldie grabbed a parachute and made his escape from the plane, he was however killed when his parachute was snagged by a tree while making his descent.

Kelvin Inman

When Kelvin was going outside on one of his routine trips, Desmond noticed that his environmental suit was ripped and decided to follow him to the outside, only to discover that Kelvin had been lying to him to the whole time, and that he was fixing up his boat in secret with plans of leaving Desmond to push the button alone. When Desmond confronted Kelvin on this, the two began to engage in a physical confrontation. This ended when Kelvin's head made contact with the rocks behind him and it appeared as though he died.

After the CrashEdit

Gary Troup
Gary Troup

Gary survived the crash, however, he scoured the beach afterwards and failed to heed Locke's warning, and he died when he was sucked into a still active jet engine, causing it to detonate.

Male Other -1
Unknown Other

While three of his group abducted three men from the Tail Section camp, he and another man he was with attempted to abduct Eko, but were murdered with a large rock when Eko proved very good at defending himself from their attacks.

Male Other -2
Unknown Other

He and four other men infiltrated the camp of the Tail Section survivors and kidnapped three men. This man, however, was murdered by Eko with a large rock when they attempted to take him too.

Seth Norris

Sixteen hours after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, Jack, Kate, and Charlie arrived at the cockpit to retrieve the transceiver, and they uncovered Seth alive. He informed them of exactly what happened, and why the rescue parties have not yet arrived. After the "Monster" made it's presence known, he gazed out of the shattered windshield to catch a glance and was ripped from the cockpit, and left a smear of blood on the window.

Edward Mars

  • Occurred in Tabula Rasa on September 24, 2004 (Day Three).

Edward and Kate finally had their face to face talk and Edward expected Kate would be the one to put him out of his misery, however; it was Sawyer who would be the one to attempt a mercy killing. Sawyer regrettably missed the Marshal's heart and perforated his lung. Jack had no choice at that moment but to euthanize the Marshal.

Man on Beach
Unnamed Survivor

This man was one of the tail-section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. After the crash, he frantically screamed out to see if anyone had seen his wife, Pam. It is most likely that he was one of the four people who died before Day Five.

Unnamed Tailie 10
Unnamed Survivor

This woman was one of the tail-section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. She was seen on the beach after the crash, and it is most likely that she was one of the four people who died before Day Five.

Unnamed Survivor

They were one of the tail-section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, and it is most likely that they were one of the four people who died before Day Five as they were not accounted for in later days.


Libby told Ana-Lucia that he was worried about Donald because his leg was worse and it was infected as well. He died on Day Five, succumbing to his injuries, and was buried with other passengers who did not survive.

Barbara Joanna Miller

Joanna drowned after Boone's attempts at rescuing her failed. Jack dove into the water to rescue her, however; he found Boone first, returned to the shore with him, and dove back in assuming he had enough time to rescue her. Her body was never recovered.

Female Other -1
Unnamed Other

With the aid of at least nine other accomplices, this woman aided in the abduction of nine survivors of the plane crash. When panic began to ensue among the survivors, this woman tackled Ana-Lucia who was attempting to liberate the captive members of her camp. Ana-Lucia got the better of her when she used a very large rock, and struck down on the skull of the woman, killing her.


Goodwin arrived to help Nathan out of the pit, he informed Nathan that the rest of the group had a suspicion that Ana-Lucia was going to harm him and that he should escape. However, while doing so he prepared to head for the beach but was suddenly stopped by Goodwin, and murdered when he had his neck snapped.

Goodwin Stanhope

Goodwin explains to Ana-Lucia that "Nathan was not a good person. That's why he wasn't on the list." When she inquires as to the children, he informs her that they are fine, and “better off now”. Ana-Lucia attacks Goodwin and the two grapple over the knife in Ana’s possession, Goodwin grabs the spear and lunges at Ana only to have it thrown clear; Ana tumbles to the bottom of the hill, elevates the spear, and impales Goodwin as he dives towards her.

Steve Jenkins

  • Occurred in Homecoming on October 19, 2004 (Day Twenty-Eight).

Steve was eventually murdered and found on the beach; Steve's neck was broken, as well as his arms and all the bones in his fingers, he was buried later that day. He was allegedly murdered by Ethan Rom. At his funeral, Hurley still managed to mistake him for Scott.

Ethan Rom

  • Occurred in Homecoming on October 20, 2004 (Day Twenty-Nine).

A team of Jack, Locke, Sayid, Sawyer, and Kate is formed to trap Ethan at all turns. When Ethan arrived to claim Claire, he chased her down a path but was tackled by Jack, who delivered a series of blows to the face of Ethan. Ethan was successfully captured, but was murdered several seconds later by Charlie who shot him in the chest six times.

Boone Carlyle

  • Occurred in Do No Harm on November 2, 2004 (Day Forty-Two).

Boone makes his way inside a Beechcraft, and uses the plane’s radio to make contact with Bernard, his weight causes the plane to shift and crash into the earth beneath it. When the only other option to save Boone becomes the amputation of his leg, Jack readies the cargo container to remove his leg, and Boone halts the action at the last second, knowing his injuries, he bravely accepts death.

Leslie Arzt

Once the dynamite taken from the Black Rock was safely wrapped, Arzt let his guard down just a little bit while explaining that the dynamite was still dangerous, and his expressive gestures caused the stick of dynamite to suddenly detonate within his grip - killing him.

Shannon Rutherford

  • Occurred in Abandoned on November 8, 2004 (Day Forty-Eight).

As Shannon runs toward the image of Walt, she bursts in front of the tailies. Ana-Lucia mistakes her for one of the Others and shoots her in the abdomen. She suffers the same fate as her step-brother and dies. Her last breaths are taken in Sayid's arms.

Ana-Lucia Cortez

At gunpoint, Henry tells Ana-Lucia that Goodwin did not believe she was a bad person; just misunderstood. Ana-Lucia is unable to kill Henry, and confesses this to Michael. Michael offers to kill Henry for her and Ana Lucia gives him the gun. Michael tells Ana Lucia that he is sorry and then shoots her in the heart, killing her.


  • Occurred in ? on November 25, 2004 (Day Sixty-Five).

Libby and Hurley finally go on an official date (a picnic) and Libby gets some blankets from the hatch. When she has them, she hears a gunshot and walks in on Michael murdering Ana. She calls out to him, startling him and making him turn around, shooting her twice in the stomach through the blankets. Libby remains alive, but in critical condition, and despite Jack's effort to save her, she dies with Hurley by her side.

Unknown Other

This man following the group of Michael, Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley as they made their way across the island to the Others campsite. When Kate and Sawyer began firing at them, he and his companion tried to evade their fire, however, this man was killed by one of Sawyer's bullets.

Colleen Pickett

Colleen and her team, which included Tom, Matthew, and Ivan, took The Galaga out to The Elizabeth and snuck onto the boat while Sayid and Jin lay in wait on the shore. Colleen was confronted and shot by Sun. Later, despite the efforts of both Jack and Juliet, she died from her wounds, due to the poor maintenance of the medical equipment.

Eko Tunde

When Locke's party enter The Pearl, Eko stays above ground, where Yemi appears to him again and Eko follows him. Yemi tells Eko that it is time to confess his sins, but Eko refuses. Yemi then admits that Eko is not really talking to his brother and walks off. Perplexed, Eko follows him, demanding the identity of whoever is posing as Yemi. The "Monster" appears and wraps around Eko, lifting him into the air and then slamming him many times into trees and the ground. Eko tells Locke to warn everyone that "They're next." Eko dies, happily reunited in death with his brother.

Danny Pickett

Juliet arrives at the Hydra Facility to tell Pickett that Ben gave the order to let Austen and Ford go free, to which Pickett states that he knows Ben would rather have them die then set free. When Pickett arrives to prevent their escape, he is coldly murdered by Juliet.

Beatrice Klugh

  • Occurred in Enter 77 on December 9, 2004 (Day Seventy-Nine).

Bea stayed at the Flame Station with Mikhail Bakunin, and was hiding inside the station in the underground portion. When Kate had entered, Klugh apprehended her, however was caught off guard by Sayid. When Sayid brought Klugh outside to force a hostage situation, Mikhail had already done so by holding Locke at gunpoint. As Bea and Mikhail argued in Russian, their conversation drew to a close with Mikhail shooting Klugh in the chest, killing her.

Nikki Fernandez

  • Occurred in Exposé on December 11, 2004 (Day Eighty-One).

Nikki found out about Paulo hiding the diamonds from her, and in anger released a Medusa spider on him that caused Paulo to be paralyzed for eight hours. Nikki also gets bitten. After being put into paralysis by venomous spiders, both Nikki and Paulo were mistaken for being dead and buried alive by Hurley, Sawyer and Charlie. Since the Hurley and Sawyer did not see her eyes open they continued to fill the grave completely, killing both her and Paulo.


  • Occurred in Exposé on December 11, 2004 (Day Eighty-One).

Nikki confronted Paulo for keeping the diamonds from her and threw a Medusa spider at him. It bit him, and he began to descend into an eight-hour, death-like paralysis. The pheromones from the spider attracted several male spiders from nearby. Paulo tried to get Nikki's attention, but he lacked the strength to warn her before she, herself was bitten. Assuming the two to be dead, the survivors held a funeral service for them, and buried them alive in a double grave, killing them both, exactly eight hours after they had been bitten, just as the venom was beginning to wear off.

Anthony Cooper

  • Occurred in The Brig on December 21, 2004 (Day Ninety-One).

Knowing that he can use Sawyer to kill Cooper instead, Locke imprisons Cooper in the brig of the Black Rock, and brings Sawyer to him, locking the two of them in together. As the two men talk, Cooper mentions cons and Sawyer slowly realizes the connection - and the identity of the man in there with him. The truth is exposed, and Cooper derides and tells him he has no remorse for the incident, before ripping his letter to pieces. In rage, Sawyer murders Cooper by strangling him with a metal chain.


  • Possibly occurred on December 22, 2004 (Day Ninety-Two).

Isabel was first introduced in Stranger in a Strange Land, as the "sheriff" of The Others. It is unknown how Isabel died, but it is possible that she died along with fellow Others as part of the raid on the survivors camp.


  • Possibly occurred on December 22, 2004 (Day Ninety-Two).

Aldo was first introduced in Not in Portland, where he was standing guard outside of the Hydra Facility, keeping Karl contained inside Room 23. It is unknown how Aldo died, but it is possible that he died along with fellow Others as part of the raid on the survivors camp.


Diane was a part of the team headed by Ryan Pryce that attempted to extract the pregnant women from the 815 survivors' camp, unaware that it was a trap. Upon arriving, she scoped out the camp and reported to Ryan that Juliet had marked three tents with white corral. She was killed after the dynamite at one of the tents was detonated by Sayid.

Unknown Other

He was present for the raid on the survivor's camp, they soon realized it was a trap, and that the tents were loaded with dynamite. He was killed from a subsequent explosion.

Unknown Other

He was present for the raid on the survivor's camp, they soon realized it was a trap, and that the tents were loaded with dynamite. He was killed from a subsequent explosion.

Unknown Other

He was present for the raid on the survivor's camp, they soon realized it was a trap, and that the tents were loaded with dynamite. He was killed from a subsequent explosion.


Ivan was a part of the team headed by Ryan Pryce that attempted to extract the pregnant women from the 815 survivors' camp, unaware that it was a trap. He was killed when Bernard shot a pile of dynamite near one of the tents, detonating it.


Matthew was a part of the team headed by Ryan Pryce that attempted to extract the pregnant women from the 815 survivors' camp, unaware that it was a trap. He was gunned down by Jin after the first two piles of dynamite were detonated.


Luke was a part of the team headed by Ryan Pryce that attempted to extract the pregnant women from the 815 survivors' camp, unaware that it was a trap. He was gunned down by Jin after the first two piles of dynamite were detonated.

Ryan Pryce

Ryan Pryce was instructed by Ben to lead a team to the survivor's camp and kidnap the pregnant women. However, the team was betrayed by Juliet and the team was ambushed by Bernard, Jin and Sayid. After keeping the three at gunpoint for several hours, Ryan was killed when he was run over by the DHARMA Van driven by Hurley.


Jason was a part of the team headed by Ryan Pryce that attempted to extract the pregnant women from the 815 survivors' camp, unaware that it was a trap. He was one of the remaining three members of the team along with Ryan and Tom. After Hurley had arrived in the DHARMA Van, he killed Pryce by running him over. Distracted, Jason was tripped by Sayid and killed when Sayid broke his neck by use of his legs.


The arrival of Hurley in a DHARMA Volkswagen van along with Sawyer and Juliet sees the rest of the Others' attack party killed. Tom admits defeat and surrenders, yet despite this, Sawyer shoots him dead, claiming revenge for Tom taking Walt off of the raft.


After Charlie swims into the station, Greta attempts to halt Bonnie's abusive behavior towards Charlie. On Ben's orders, Mikhail shoots Greta, sending her into the pool of water inside the station. Her body is covered as a sign of respect by Charlie and Desmond.


After Charlie swims into the station, Bonnie is abusive and rough toward him. She is also shown to be easily frustrated, screaming at Charlie for singing constantly and often arguing with Greta and Mikhail. On Ben's orders, Mikhail shoots Bonnie, but she lives long enough to tell Charlie the code to deactivate the jamming device that blocked all transmissions, as a final act of defiance against the man she trusted, Benjamin Linus.

Mikhail Bakunin

Mikhail attempts to kill Charlie, Greta and Bonnie, but Desmond surprises him and shoots him with a spear gun in the chest. Desmond and Charlie focus on shutting off the jamming signal, and while they do that Mikhail escapes down the moon pool, apparently having survived being shot with the spear gun. Mikhail appears outside the window of the communication room, which he destroys with a hand grenade that he is holding, causing the room to flood.

Flashes - CharlieDrowning
Charlie Pace

Charlie disables the jamming device, and then makes contact with Penny Widmore, who appears clueless regarding Naomi and her boat. Charlie locks himself in the room, noticing Mikhail outside with a grenade, and drowns after the windows smashes, causing the room to flood. Before drowning, he manages to inform Desmond that Penny isn't on Naomi's freighter.

Naomi Dorrit

Naomi is wounded by Locke who throws a knife into her back after attempting to make contact with her ship via her satellite phone. It is revealed to Charlie and Desmond that she is not part of a search party funded by Penelope Widmore, as she'd previously claimed. Naomi later attacks Kate accusing the survivors of trying to murder her after she tried to rescue them. Naomi makes contact with Minkowski and readjusts the frequency so that they could be found, and Naomi apparently passes away afterwards.

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