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Omer Jarrah
Name Omer Jarrah
Gender Male
Country Tikrit, Iraq
Family Father - Mr. Jarrah
Mother - Mrs. Jarrah
Brother - Sayid Jarrah
Sister-in-law - Nadia Jazeem
Episode(s) He's Our You
Played By Xavier Raabe-Manupule

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Omer is the older brother of Sayid Jarrah, and resided with his brother and his family in Tikrit, Iraq. Some time during his childhood, Omer reached an age where his father determined it was time for him to show more responsibility and maturity. In order to help his son mature and grow, the father told his son to kill a chicken without hesitation. When Omer was reluctant to perform the act, his father scolded him. To save his older brother the shame and horror of the act, Sayid grabbed the chicken in question and broke its neck. However, this only caused the father to praise Sayid's initiative, and continue to scold Omer further. (He's Our You)

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