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Name Oldham
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Member of the DHARMA Initiative
Episode(s) He's Our You
Played By William Sanderson

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Oldham was a member of the DHARMA Initiative, and resided with the group on island during the 1970's. Oldham's role with the Initiative is vague, but he does appear to have at least some chemical expertise, as well as knowledge on interrogation techniques. Oldham resided outside of the DHARMA barracks, and lived in the jungle in a secluded tent.

Some time in 1977, following the capture of suspected hostile Sayid Jarrah, it was decided by the DHARMA leadership to bring the prisoner to Oldham for interrogation. Radzinsky was particularly troubled, as he believed Sayid to be a grave threat, and felt the prisoner had intimate knowledge about the planned Swan station. Sawyer, under the alias of head of security Jim LaFleur, strongly opposed this decision, as he felt Oldham was too mentally unstable to lead an interrogation.

Sawyer, Radzinsky, Horace and Phil escorted Sayid to Oldham's tent, and restrained the prisoner against a large tree. Oldham then approached Sayid, and inserted some form of drug into the prisoner's mouth. The effects of the drug became apparent, as Sayid began to hysterically babble a story about coming from the future. Despite the drug's purpose as a truth serum, Oldham began to doubt the dosage he gave the prisoner, and felt he may have administered too strong a dosage. Sayid, still rambling incoherently about the future of DHARMA and the island, informed Oldham that he had given the supposed hostile exactly enough. After Jarrah then broke into an uncontrollable fit of laughter, the rest of the DHARMA officials decided to discontinue the interrogation and returned the prisoner to his cell at the barracks. (He's Our You)

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